Yoga in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

A recent randomized clinical control trial of using yoga in the treatment of eating disorders appeared in the April issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health.  The study compared traditional treatment at an outpatient eating disorder center as compared to individual yoga plus standard care.  After 8 weeks, those in the experimental group showed lower Eating Disorder Examination scores and reduced food preoccupation following the yoga sessions.  Results show yoga as a promising adjunct therapy to eating disorder treatment.

A few reasons I think yoga is great:
*Teaches you to remain in the “present moment”- a skill that is greatly needed in our busy world and an essential component for anyone looking to change their food habits or relationship with food.  Learning how to be more present in your body allows you to listen to your body’s hunger and fullness cueing.
*Helps you maintain posture and flexibility with age.
*Improves balance which helps to prevent falls.
*A great way to destress

Interested in using meditation to de-stress but don’t have the means or desire to go to a yoga class?  Try this 10-minute self-guided mediation at your desk!

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