The Gut Brain Connection

Cutting Edge Research & Future Directions for Eating Disorders Care

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  1. Name the most common digestive complaints observed in the eating disorder population
  2. Describe the 4 pathways leading to digestive symptoms in the eating disorder population
  3. Identify 3 alterations to the gut microbiome, immune functioning, and neuroinflammation for patients with eating disorders
  4. Name two future directions for research to address the complex and chronic symptoms facing clients with eating disorders


Fee: $47
Date: Tuesday, May 25th
Time: 1:00-2:30 EDT
1.5 CDR approved CPEs for those that attend the live workshop and Q&A session
1.5 CDR approved CPEs for those that listen to the recording

(The session will be recorded if you cannot make it live to the workshop.) 


There is growing interest in the association of the gut microbiome with diseases, including psychiatric disorders. In this interactive workshop, Marci will describe the most recent research related to the complex interplay between digestive disorders (DDs) and eating disorders (EDs). She will describe the four most common pathways that lead to digestive symptoms in this population, describe alterations in the gut microbiome, immune function, and neuroinflammation observed in the ED population, and describe the subsequent effect on recovery.

Marci will also describe the current implications and recommendations for future research in exploring novel treatment interventions like probiotic supplementation and fecal microbiota transfer. Time will be saved for discussion and Q&A.


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