Are you working with clients who struggle with body image and acceptance?

But some days, you are simply not sure of the best ways to proceed that will help them on that journey to body acceptance.

This work is hard… Our clients, along with you, me and the rest of the world, have been brainwashed daily, since birth, to feel deep shame about our size and appearance.

The idea of even considering the notion of body acceptance naturally feels wrong, terrifying, and deeply threatening. This response is quite normal for them and for those of us working with clients in this field.

Your clients may not feel it right now, and you may wonder if you can do it yourself, but I truly believe it is possible to Crack the Code on Body Acceptance, One Teeny Tiny Step at a Time.

Acceptance begins with the Acknowledgement of Reality.

And I want to help you get started on a journey to change your client’s lives as they discover the world of body acceptance.

I have created a guidebook with all sorts of resources for you to explore for yourself and with your clients on this journey. It is a list of What to Watch, Read, and Listen to on the Journey to Body Acceptance.

Enter your name and email below to download your copy today. And please… keep reminding yourself that every day you are making a difference with every teeny, tiny step you take and the ones you help your clients take.

    But I Hate My Body: Cracking the Code on Body Acceptance