Why a “Summer Body?”

Or a “beach” body, or a “bikini” body?

Why not a “rake-the-leaves” body or a “shovel-the-snow-then-go-cross-country-skiing” body? While we’re at it, how about a “clean-the-house-then-go-grocery-shopping-and-carry-the-case-of-water-yourself-’cause-you’re-just-that-strong” body?

And just how IS a summer body supposed to look when compared to a winter body? Assuming you even have a “winter” body in the first place (whatever that means).

The assumption is – at least in this part of the country, where we spend a good 6 months buried beneath layers of heavy sweaters and bulky parkas – that a “winter” body is a mess.

It’s worthless and disgusting. It doesn’t deserve to appear in public sans layers of heavy sweaters, and is ill-suited for display during the summer months without starving or over-exercising it into some magazine editor or diet pill/book/drink/meal company’s idea of a “summer” body.

And we know what THAT looks like. . .impossible to achieve (photoshopping, anyone?), maintain (never again eat chocolate?), or even aspire to (genetics, remember those?).

Why waste all that energy trying to have an impossibly “perfect” body for just a few, short months? Why not work toward having the healthiest, strongest, happiest body you can, 365 days of the year?

Trying to make your body be someone else’s vision of perfect will never, ever, ever, no matter how badly you want it, be doable.

If you’re unhappy in your own skin, even the perfect “summer” body isn’t the answer. . .you’ll soon find another flaw. Then another. Then another.

I challenge you to embrace your physical uniqueness and kick that “summer” body idea to the curb.

This post was brought to you by Cathy Leman MA, RD. Cathy Leman is the founder and owner of NutriFit, Inc., a nutrition counseling, consulting, and worksite nutrition services business located in Glen Ellyn, IL. She is a registered dietitian, certified personal trainer, and holds a masters degree in health psychology.

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