When Eating Disorders and Chronic Illness Intersect

We are talking about Eating Disorders and Chronic Illness with our newest Dietitian at Marci RD Nutrition, Anita Dharwadkar.

Did you know that chronic illness creates specific vulnerabilities to the development of mental health challenges and eating disorders?

In my experience, this is an area that deserves a whole lot more attention.

Have you ever attended a webinar, talk, or conference speaking specifically to this issue? I haven’t.

And that’s kind of astounding given the fact that the prevalence rates of eating disorders in the US are around 9%. And according to the CDC, in 2018, 51.8% of US adults had at least 1 chronic condition.

People diagnosed with one or more chronic health conditions are more likely to develop comorbid mental health diagnoses such as depression or an eating disorder. Mental health diagnoses are something often overlooked by medical providers adding to the isolation and vulnerability one might feel.

I’d love to thank my newest associate and colleague at Marci RD Nutrition, Anita Dharwadkar, who so generously joined me to talk about this topic of Eating Disorders and Chronic Illness.  Click the video below to listen in to our chat.

In this video we discuss:

  • What the term chronic illness means
  • How chronic illness increases risk for the development of an eating disorder and other mental health conditions
  • Best practice for providers to keep in mind when supporting people with chronic illness and eating disorders

Check out the resources and sources listed below.

Click the video below to listen in.

Eating Disorders and Chronic Illness


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Read about the lived experiences of those with chronic illness
Learn more about rare, chronic diseases
Podcasts: Made Visible; Invisible Not Broken

I am so grateful that Anita has joined my team. She has a unique skill and passion for working with folks with chronic illness, as well as working with adolescents with eating disorders.

You can learn more about Anita here or by reaching out to our team at admin@marcird.com.

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