Welcoming a New RD to the Team!

I opened the doors to my private practice exactly 11 years ago this month. It seems impossible that so much time has passed!

And in those 11 years, I have welcomed 5 dietitians to my team. All of them compassionate, smart, hardworking, and fun! I have been truly blessed to be surrounded by women I admire – who are both colleagues and friends. Our mutual respect and love for one another grows every year.

Christine Laker MS, RDN, LDNAnd so it is with tremendous excitement that I welcome Christine Laker to my team. I first met Christine as a graduate student in the course I teach for Simmons, “Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders.” She stood out as a smart, curious student who I could tell naturally “got it.” And when it comes to eating disorders work and dietetics – you’ve either “got it” or you don’t.

The following year we were lucky enough to have Christine work as our teaching assistant for the same course. Additionally, she secured a space in Simmons’ highly competitive dietetic internship, with a specialization in eating disorders where she accrued hours interning at eating disorder treatment facilities in the greater Boston area. She also spent several months training with Sarah Patten at my practice. I have never met another young RD with such substantive training in eating disorders so early in her career.

As Christine was nearing the end of her internship, Sarah and I both knew we needed to snatch her up and we interviewed her on the day she sat for (and passed!) her RD exam! In addition to working in my private practice, Christine works at the Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders in Brookline.

Christine is a lovely balance of hardworking and laid back, driven yet soft around the edges, smart yet teachable, capable and curious. While she may be a mid-Westerner at heart, I hope we’ve made her an East coast convert!

Christine is the cherry on top of 2019 and I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for us. To learn more about Christine, as well as the incredible clinicians on the Marci RD team, you can visit our site. We love our work and feel grateful to offer food and body image healing, as the world surely needs it!