Urgent Action: Standard of Care in the Field of Nutrition and Dietetics

Have you ever wanted to make a difference with just a few minutes of your time?

Here’s your chance!!

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recently released a draft proposal of some really harmful recommendations through their Evidence Analysis Library. You can read the proposed guidelines for yourself here.

To put it bluntly, they are advocating for low-calorie diets to be the standard of care for higher-weight individuals and explicitly state that weight inclusive/HAES approaches should NOT be used.

The great news is that you have until March 25th to make your voice heard.

You can do so a couple of ways:

  1. After reading the recommendations you can complete their survey and share from your own perspective what you think. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE TO COMMENT – clinicians from all disciplines and non-clinicians as well.
    If you are in recovery from an eating disorder, you can share the harms that this type of messaging has had on you or a loved one. If you are a clinician, please share your expertise on the impact of these kinds of interventions.
  2. If you simply don’t have the desire or energy to generate something on your own, don’t! I co-authored a response with some colleagues which you can read through in its entirety here. If you like and agree with what we have to say, simply sign your name at the bottom of the Google form.
  3. Please, please share the word with anyone and everyone by sharing this blog post. (Here is the full link – https://marcird.com/urgent-action-nutrition-dietetics/

The team of researchers who developed these highly problematic recommendations have been floored by the swift, loud, and negative feedback they have received thus far. But they are listening.

Let’s turn this train wreck into forward momentum. We need more equitable treatment that reduces harm as standard care in the field of nutrition and dietetics. If you’re with me, take just a hot second and add your two cents.

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