Tips on Canned and Frozen Produce

As part of National Nutrition Month (NNM), The American Dietetic Association has created a few film clips on healthy eating.  I have included this clip on tips for using canned or frozen produce.

I actually talked about utilizing frozen fruits and vegetables in my nutrition tools class at The Wellbridge Athletic Club in Harvard Square. Not only is it an affordable way to keep fruits and veggies on hand without risk of spoilage, it can actually be a more effective way to get those vital vitamins and minerals.  Turns out frozen produce is picked at their prime and flash frozen.  In comparison, fresh produce loses nutritional value as it’s transported and sitting on grocery shelves.  Consider how far your strawberries had to travel to make it to your grocery shelves Cambridge, MA.

So the next time you are whipping a meal, consider utilizing frozen produce.  It just may save you a little time, a little money, and boost your diet.