The Mindful Eating World Summit

I was honored to participate in The Mindful Eating World Summit. It felt like a great way to share, with a larger audience, my thought and experiences as a nutrition therapist. My interview airs on Wednesday, March 25th so please follow this link to catch all of the details.

Mindfulness is a catchy word used with so much frequency, many of us have stopped thinking about what it actually means. In my interview I share with listeners:

1. How mindfulness informs my work.

2. How I became interested in integrating mindfulness-based practices into my work as a nutrition therapist.

3. The mindfulness experts that have had an impact in changing the way I work.

4. How the practice of mindfulness has the capacity to improve one’s relationship with food.

5. One of my favorite mindfulness based practices.

6. My thoughts on how mindfulness can (and is!) transforming some of our cultures unhealthy standards of beauty.

7. How the practice of mindfulness facilitates self-trust.

And below I am providing my freebie! A gift to all listeners. It’s a guided mindfulness experience that will help you practice identifying hunger and fullness. I hope you’ll enjoy it and would love your feedback on my interview and guided meditation. Did you learn anything new? Was it helpful? Do you have any follow-up questions.

Thanks for tuning in.