P.M. – Family with Teen in ED Recovery

Anita is truly a wonderful nutritionist and person.

She was instrumental in helping our teenage son recover from his eating disorder. We always felt extremely comfortable speaking honestly with Anita and she always did such a wonderful job of communicating with both my teenager and myself as well. She knew just how to talk to him to get him to open up (not easy with teenage boys), to get him to see different perspectives, and to help him understand the parent perspective as well. She ran interference between parent and teen very well which is no easy task!

She also did a great job of keeping in touch with his primary care doctor, therapist and ED therapist so that everyone was always on the same page with how treatment was progressing.

When your child is very sick from their ED and has multiple appointments with different practitioners each week, it is so stressful and takes a toll on everyone in the family- but we always looked forward to our sessions with Anita. She made them as relaxed as they could be given the diagnosis, was easy to talk to and we always left with a game plan for the week feeling a little bit better and more hopeful. Food went from being the enemy back to something that he could enjoy freely again. Our son is doing very well thanks to her expertise and nutrition counseling. She was an integral part of his treatment team to help him regain his health as well as his relationship with food and his body.

We will always be so thankful to Anita for her help in saving our son and cannot recommend her enough.