Miranda Hewlett

This course deeply broadened my understanding of the complex intersection between Eating Disorders and Gastrointestinal disorders. Until taking this course my understanding of this interaction was purely experiential. I was seeking research and evidence-based information to make sense of what I personally experienced as well as what I have witnessed in the eating disorder and […]

Shannon Grube, MS, RDN, CD

The Nutritional Counseling for Eating Disorders course taught by Marci was very well organized, insightful, and practical for my private practice needs. After each module completed, I would find myself immediately applying new knowledge gained in the very next session with my own clients. I especially appreciated the client vignettes which gave context to the […]

Sherri Meyer, MS, RD, CEDS

Marci is a truly gifted speaker who has a way of communicating complicated clinical information with ease. What I really loved about Marci’s course is that it is not just for beginning ED practitioners. I will be reviewing elements of this course over many years to come. (Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders)

Katie Olson RDN, LDN

Marci’s course was a wealth of information and did a wonderful job of demonstrating how to take evidenced-based information and turn it into a quality practice! (Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders)

Allison Cain MPH RDN

When you are new to eating disorder work it can feel very intimidating. This course with Marci is a great way to get your foot in the door. I have completed the course but will return to it over and over to utilize the many resources and client handouts that Marci provides. (Nutrition Counseling for […]

Adriana Brayman CEDRD, RD, LDN

I have been in private practice for almost 12 years and working with eating disorders for over 15 years and am a CEDRD, this self study has been the most informative, thoughtful, and educational eating disorder course I have every experienced in my career. I learned so much and loved everything about it. Fiona and […]

Allison Bone, MS, RD, CEDRD

This training was exactly what I needed to have permission to continue doing body image work with my clients. So many individuals struggle with body image and I was having the same conversation in many different ways. This training gave me the framework and structure I need to streamline the process and give more direction […]

Mekenzie Smith Gustafson MS, RD, LDN

Thank you for this awesome workshop! It expanded my knowledge and understanding in body image counseling and also provided so much validation that I am on the right track with this work. It can feel daunting to do this work and this workshop made me feel more empowered to keep at it! (Expanding, Elevating, Embodying […]

Michelle Russell, RD, LD, CEDS

I’ve purchased all of Marci and Fiona’s body image trainings not only because this work is critical for eating disorder dietitians, but because they bring authenticity and transparency of our human experiences into the work. They model how we can show up as embodied practitioners to support clients in digging into and being with the […]

Stacy Smith, RD

I started this course with the desire to learn how to assist clients to better health. Upon completion, my understanding has grown along with skills to put into practice. Thank you! (Workshop: The Gut Brain Connection)

Jennifer Allen, MS, RD, LD

Marci’s training is insightful and challenging. It includes everything I wish I had known at the start of my career while providing updated insight into major challenges of this field. She also provides significant resources and ways to ensure the optimal patient care for nutrition counseling in eating disorders. (Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders)

Emily Gause, MA, RDN, LDN

I have thoroughly enjoyed Marci Evan’s training and feel much more equipped to work with my clients with eating disorders. The client vignettes and intervention strategies + handouts provided practical strategies to use in session with clients, and I would highly recommend this course to any RD entering the world of eating disorders! (Nutrition Counseling […]

Kelsey McCullough, RD

Wow! This course has been the best investment I have made in my career as a Registered Dietitian. Hands down! (Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders)

Joy Valvano, MS, RD, CDCES

Marci and Fiona provide cutting edge resources to support those of us who recognize body image healing goes hand in hand with nutrition counseling. The information they share, along with their curious, creative and kind approach, inspires deeper connection within ourselves and promotes the same within our clients as we do this work together. (Expanding, […]

Kelsey Dosh, RDN

I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is doing or wants to start doing body image work with clients. It is full of resources, examples, studies, handouts, and practical tools to use and thoughtful approaches. (Body Image Online Training)

Caitlyn Neuendorf (she/her), MS, RD

Marci’s training dramatically improved my knowledge and confidence in treating eating disorders. I was hired by an ED organization, but was brand new to the field. My company had incredible trainings, but I still lacked confidence in practically treating patients. This fast-tracked my ability to provide quality clinical care to individuals with ED. (Nutrition Counseling […]

Jacqui Chalmers, APD

The course blew my mind regarding the depth of body image and the internal and external influences interplaying to create our clients and our own body image. I learnt about evidence based models I can use as a dietitian within sessions. (Expanding, Elevating, Embodying Workshop: Nutrition Professionals as Body Image Counselors)

Sara Szatkowski, RD

Marci and Fi brought so much awareness to what body image work is, the challenges around it and why as RDs we are qualified to do this work with clients. It was all through the perspective of finding compassion and care for your body and all that it has been through. It put so many […]

Kelsey McCullough, RD, LD

Before this training if someone were to ask me “how do you bring body image work into your client sessions?” I would have felt an instant rush of panic. After this training I feel more confident in my abilities as a dietitian to bring in the conversation of embodiment, to continue integrating mindfulness work into […]

Amy Sercel, RD

Marci’s workshops are such a valuable resource. I have completed all three of her web-based trainings. Each one is full of practical tips, possible interventions, and helpful reminders. I highly recommend them to any dietitian who would like to learn how to support clients who are recovering from eating disorders. (Digestive Disorders & Eating Disorders)

Anne-Claire Jedrzejczak, MS, CCIEDC, RYT 500

I HIGHLY recommend this course! It is filled with research, tools, experience & wisdom – shared in a clear & structured way. I am now feeling much more confident around the topic of body image & have added immensely valuable tools & skills to my toolbox & skillset. Thank You! (Body Image Training)

Melissa Burton, RDN, RYT

The course is accessible and educational. The delivery is very human while providing deep and wide premises from various areas that impact Registered Dietitian Nutritionists in the eating disorders field. Marci has a way of showing her own humanity, supporting yours as a clinician and empowering you with outside and your own inside knowledge to […]

Allison Neal, MA, RDN

Marci’s course, ‘Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders’ was a game-changer for me. With so many individuals struggling with eating disorders or disordered eating, this course has helped me feel more confident in my abilities to serve as a resource for this amazing community. The course, as you would expect, is educational and comprehensive, but was […]

Katelyn Parsons, Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coach

I’m walking away from this course with a new set of skills to be able to support my clients. Marci and Lauren have done an incredible job in creating a comprehensive approach to a dense topic. All throughout the course, I had lightbulb moments. I’m so grateful for this material and the decision to invest […]

Emily Palmerton, RD

I would recommend this course to ANYONE that works with people – not just eating disorders. Whether we like it or not, we will likely encounter eating disorders in every setting, from diabetes to pediatrics. Marci’s warmth and compassion comes through in this training to show that you don’t have to be afraid of a […]

Denise Zimmer, RDN, LDN

This course was by far the most comprehensive, practical, organized and informational training on ED. It provided education, resources, knowledge, case studies, and gave me more confidence in working with clients with ED. Marci comes from such a place of compassion and validates how hard it can be doing this work. She offers assurance that […]

Suzanne Pirkle MA,RDN,CED-S

Practical concepts presented in a way that helps you connect your clients back to their bodies. So much joy can come from living authentically. This workshop educates the clinician so that the work can continue in an office setting. Thank you for this workshop. It has enriched sessions with clients. (Workshop: Expanding, Elevating, Embodying: Nutrition […]

Stephanie Hayes, RDN

As a new dietitian in the eating disorder field, this workshop proved to be an excellent introductory learning experience that provided evidence-based education and discussion about body image counseling. Listening to Marci & Fiona was the most engaging and insightful experience! This workshop has already improved my counseling skills in ways that I couldn’t have […]

Sarah Rice, MHA, RD

This workshop is essential for any RD who counsels clients. This course offers a comprehensive foundation for indispensable work. Marci and Fiona are a great team and highly knowledgeable. Looking forward to the next course! (Workshop: Expanding, Elevating, Embodying: Nutrition Professionals as Body Image Counselors)

Allison Mandell, MS, RD

As a new dietitian, I am always looking for educational opportunities to continue learning. I am a big fan of both Marci and Fiona, and when my coworker told me about this workshop, I could not sign up fast enough. I learned so much, and am so excited to be able to incorporate this information […]

Amanda Bullat, MS, RDN, LD

I appreciated taking a concentrated look at this often glossed over aspect of disordered eating recovery and now feel like I have the tools to support more clients. (Digestive Disorders & Eating Disorders)

Dallas Parson

Thank you for continually breaking down the diet culture barriers we and society places on individuals. You work to help other grow in their understands of how to treat or recovery from eating disorders is life changing to many, my self included. (Digestive Disorders & Eating Disorders)

Melissa Waters, MS, RDN

This module presented new evidence on digestive health and eating disorders. I felt like my team did a good job with digestive issues, but this module opened my eyes to a lot that we can be implementing with our clients to improve their journey to recovery. (Digestive Disorders & Eating Disorders)

Emily Taylor, RDN

This course really filled up my counseling “toolbox” and helped me feel better equipped to help my patients with eating disorders and digestive issues without any overly restrictive interventions or pseudoscience. (Digestive Disorders & Eating Disorders)

Serena Anthony

This is an excellent course and the material is still somewhat novel and has potential for a big impact. (Digestive Disorders & Eating Disorders)

Courtney Kerr, RD

I think all RD’s working in the eating disorders field would benefit from this course as body image work isn’t really covered in our regular dietetic training. (Body Image Online Training for Clinicians)


Raising the topic of body image and specifically the impact of negative body image would greatly enhance dietetics training, and ought to be considered mandatory. (Body Image Online Training for Clinicians)

Lexy Penney MS, RD, LDN, RYT

We don’t get this training ANYWHERE in our education for RD’s and the way you ladies broke down the material into manageable, practical steps was SO awesome. (Body Image Online Training for Clinicians)

Cora Loomis

This course is informative and offers so many hands-on tools and super interesting reflections about our own body image (which is a big piece of being a helpful professional in this area, I believe), the course material is very applicable to real life and professional practice. (Body Image Online Training for Clinicians)

Dri Marie

The course was excellent, professional, thorough and provides a very solid foundation for body image work in any setting. (Body Image Online Training for Clinicians)

Taylor Ziegler MS, RDN, LD

There are not many body image courses out there for dietitians. This was very helpful and gave some good tips. (Body Image Online Training for Clinicians)

Brent Campbell, APD

The Nutrition Counselling for Eating Disorders with Marci Evans 3.0 covered all basis. I love the way Marci presents the information and how you would implement it into a session with a consumer. Best online professional development I have paid for. (Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders)

Chrissy Barth, MS, RDN, RYT

If I ever needed a dietitian who treats eating disorders or had a child with an eating disorder who needed a dietitian, I’d refer them to Marci. Marci is a wealth of knowledge and has a heart of gold. (Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders)

Courtnay Mecca, CNS, LDN

Marci has extensive knowledge and experience in the field that she presents in a clear and effective format. I’ve learned so much and at the same time, feel like there is still so much I do not know. I feel fortunate to have found her course- it is a must for all providers in the […]

Suren Chiu, RDN, LDN, CPT

Marci’s course made eating disorders less intimidating and something I felt like I could tackle. Her step by step approaches and systematic way of explaining things simplifies what to do. It doesn’t mean the clients get easier, but the resources and thorough explanations for me to understand the entire physiology and big picture gave me […]

Winnie Nebres, RD, CLEC

I didn’t know what to expect with Marci’s Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders. I’ve been a RD for years, but I’m fairly new to ED work. I feel more confident in my practice after completing this course. (Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders)

Rachel VanWoerden, MA, RDN

Marcie does a great job! The learning modules were easy to use and follow. It balanced well with full-time work and home life. The information would be extremely helpful to a dietitian just entering the field of EDs. (Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders)

Kelley Raetzsch, RD

Marci and Lauren provided invaluable understanding to the connection of digestive disorders and eating disorders. I am better equipped to serve clients with ED’s with greater understanding and compassion as it relates to their gut function/ED. (Digestive Disorders & Eating Disorders)

Amanda Gledhill, MS, RD, CD

This training is filled with so much information and my brain is buzzing with more research to look into and different conversations to have with clients. I think this information is so valuable and validating to my clients! Marci and Lauren do a great job of going through the research and making it applicable to […]

Alicia Rill, MS, RD

There is a chance that, over a significant period of time, I could have learned some of this information and discovered some of the resources provided from this training- that would have taken me years. With this training, I was able to establish a much broader body image foundation from which to stand in a […]

Jennifer Mesisca, MS, RD

Important work for any dietitian! An enlightening and informative entry point to having deeper conversations about body image with both patients and interdisciplinary team members. (Body Image Online Training for Clinicians)

Rosanna Alvarez, RDN

Marci has been a pillar in my eating disorder training and improvement of counseling skills for 10 years now. So thankful that I have her as a resource to continue growing. (Body Image Online Training for Clinicians)

Beth Mayer, LICSW

I have been attending conferences for over 30 years. Marci is one of the best speakers I have  heard in my career. She is an extremely knowledgeable and insightful and powerful speaker. She presents on the most complex issues and provides this information in a dynamic and professional manner. I could listen to her present […]

Alexis in Recovery

My work with Marci changed my life. Not only my relationship with food, which I thought was irreparable, but she helped me learn how to trust myself and connect with my intuition and exist in the moment, in the world outside my thoughts and lists and calculations. I used to be so shut off. Now […]

Deb in Recovery

“I leave my sessions with Marci feeling better, lighter and more like myself. She has been and continues to be such a positive presence in my life, and I’m just so glad to have her!”

Becky Schmechel, RDN, CD

“Marci is an excellent listener and offers such great insight! Her supervision and feedback have been so valuable to me (and my clients). If you’re seeking supervision, I’d recommend Marci!”

Lauren Dear, RDN, LDN

I’ve truly enjoyed having Marci as a supervisor. She has insightful answers to all of my questions and comes to supervision with a kind, empathetic, and non-judgmental attitude.

Valery Kallen, MS, RD

Marci is absolutely brilliant and always brings her wealth of knowledge, insight, authenticity, and compassion to the table during supervision. I have had more “ah-ha” moments listening to her speak (via presentations, on podcasts, and during supervision) than I did through an entire semester of an eating disorder elective in graduate school. Marci is truly […]

Rebecca Toutant, MA, RD, LDN, CDE, cPT

Marci is an innovator in her clinical supervision and professional training – offering in person and virtual opportunities. Her knowledge of human biochemistry paired with attention to psycho social dynamics gives her the capacity to provide viable, researched solutions on a variety of complicated client interactions. I love that she brings her counseling skills into […]

Paige Smathers, RD, CDN

Marci has a true gift when it comes to teaching and explaining. She is engaging, ridiculously smart, experienced and passionate about her work. Her course will help you feel confident and prepared to start working with eating disorder clients. I highly recommend it to anyone!

Michael Levine Ph.D., Fellow, Academy for Eating Disorders

In January 2017 I was fortunate to see Marci Evans give an exceptional presentation on effective and safe non-dieting solutions to eating disorders recovery and gastrointestinal health. It was one of the top five most informative, dynamic, engaging, and indeed compelling presentations I have ever seen in approximately 35 years of attending conferences. Marci has […]

Jenni Schaefer, Speaker & Author

Marci is a compelling speaker who not only shares cutting-edge research and clinical wisdom, but she presents in a way that keeps the audience completely engaged – and even entertained. I highly recommend her for your event!

Anna Sweeney MS, CEDRD, LDN

Marci’s training is unlike anything available to dietitians working in, or wishing to advance their understanding of, the eating disorders field. Her combination of enthusiasm, highly organized content, concrete actionables, and in-depth knowledge of the research make this training unique and invaluable. The material presented in Marci’s training can only be otherwise gleaned by extensive […]

Annie Goldsmith RD, LDN

Working with Marci in individual supervision has been the best investment I have made in my career. Marci is incredibly knowledgeable, direct, and able to cover a lot of material in one session if need be. Marci is reliable and available. Best yet, I leave our sessions feeling incredibly supported and my confidence in my […]

Kacey McCormack MS, RD

Marci has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Through my supervision with Marci, I have gained further insight on how to approach different clinical situations with clients and gained tools that help to enhance my skills in counseling within the field of eating disorder recovery.  Marci’s warmth, empathy, and kindness makes being supervised by […]

Blair Mize MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN

Marci is one of the leading Registered Dietitians in the field of eating disorders. Her passion for providing quality eating disorder education and resources to her colleagues is evident in the way she listens carefully, researches thoroughly, and responds thoughtfully during supervision sessions. Through supervision from Marci, I have gained knowledge and confidence to better […]

Jessi Haggerty RDN, cPT

Marci has not only helped me grow my clinical counseling skills, she has also helped me grow my business. She is knowledgeable and savvy, but most of all she has helped me be a more confident and focused counselor and entrepreneur.

Stacey Richmond RD, CEDRD

Marci is exceptional at listening not just to what you are saying, but to what is between your words, the subtle artful skill of intuitive listening. If you are looking to be supported by a master guide to deepen and grow your skills, Marci will not disappoint!!

Kelly in Recovery

Although my work with Marci has focused primarily on eating, she has been instrumental in helping me to learn it is okay to advocate for my needs and that I deserve to have them met. That I am worthy and don’t have to apologize for who I am and who I’m not, particularly with respect […]

Susan in Recovery

Marci has a gift for working with those with eating disorders. Her patience, her insight, and her nonjudgmental approach enabled me to work through my longstanding fear of food, weight gain, and calories. She has proven herself to be one of the most outstanding dietitians in the field.