Spring Peanut Pad Thai

I LOVE Thai food. It’s perhaps my favorite cuisine and almost always sounds delicious. While thumbing through my Food and Nutrition Magazine I came across a Spring-inspired homemade version of Pad Thai. As my readers know, I don’t like to spend loads of time in the kitchen. But this recipe sounded easy enough plus it […]

Help! I Am Addicted to Food

I have blogged about food addiction before.  But I recently had the opportunity to serve as a guest on my colleague and friend Julie Duffy Dillon’s Love, Food Podcast. (If you haven’t already subscribed, I totally encourage you to do so!) In this episode, Julie and I tease through a letter written by a woman […]

Product Showcase: Building Your Anti-Dieting Community

Image Source In this Product Showcase I provide you with four resources to build your anti-diet community. And if you are trying to get off the dieting train, you know it takes fortitutde and a lot of positive reinforcement in this toxic and obsessed culture we live in. I review the book “The Gluten Lie” […]

Big Butts, Burgers, & Weight Stigma

Are you interested in hearing my take on weight stigma? Check out my video below! In honor of weight stigma awareness week I tackle some tough topics and share with you some important research. But in addition to this video, there are some absolutely amazing blog posts I’d encourage you to read. I have been blown […]

Toddlers and Picky Eating

This blog post has been in the works for quite some time but perhaps it’s apropos to publish it on Mother’s Day. For all the mothers reading this post- keep up the awesome work! Several weeks ago I received a request to write a post about feeding toddlers. It’s a fantastic topic! Many parents are […]

The Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act

Hey Readers, It’s not often that I talk politics on this blog. But after hearing Lizabeth speak at the MEDA conference a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I needed to have her write about this very important issue. Please, please take the time to read this. And if you have experience with this […]

Forgiveness with Alex Amarosi

I am so happy to welcome Alex Amarosi back as a guest blogger. He has shared his words of wisdom on the blog before. As a friend and colleague, I highly recommend you visit his blog to read his thoughts on all things yoga, self-care, and mindfulness.  Alex Amorosi-ERYT is a Registered Yoga Teacher offering […]

EDAW 2015: I Had No Idea

I am so pleased to share with you another phenomenal post written by Rachel. She speaks to the Eating Disorder Awareness Week theme “I Had No Idea.” In this entry she shares both the hard and hopeful realities of eating disorder recovery with incredible insight and resilience. I know you’ll enjoy it. Rachel is an elementary […]

EDAW 2015 with Adrienne Kerrigan

This post was written by Adrienne Kerrigan. She is a Boston-based eating disorder expert and recovery coach. You can learn more about her here! In this post she shares with us why she loves working in the field of eating disorders as well as how her clients inspire her. Take it away Adrienne! As we […]

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2015

This week we honor and acknowledge eating disorders awareness week. In this vlog I introduce the theme for 2015 as well as the group of guest bloggers who make an appearance on the blog this week. It is an inspiring mix of clients and clinicians so I hope you’ll come back each day to read […]

A Love Letter to Me

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love having any excuse for celebrating. And Valentine’s Day, which may be a reminder to some of you of your single status, is really all about love. And the MOST important love you can have is love for yourself. While it may sound cheezy, why not honor today by writing yourself […]

Fat Fashion: Part 2

Wowee- I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback about this fat fashion series. Thanks everyone! But most of all, big thank you to the wisdom of the women who shared their thoughts and experiences. So without further ado, here is more fashion advice for larger ladies. Enjoy! And if you missed the first post, […]

Fat Fashion: A 3-Part Blog Series

***Disclaimer: This post is not just for fat women. This post is for everyone because we all need to learn to check our weight bias at the door and evaluate our own internalized stigma about size. I hope this 3-part blog series will increase your capacity for compassion around weight. A couple of months ago […]

The Body Image Movement

Women are tired of feeling crappy about their bodies. I know you are. If you are like most women, you feel bad about your body and then guilty that you feel so bad about it. Taryn Brumfitt was in that exact place until she decided to make a change. Please please take 5 minutes to […]

Guest Blog Post: Thine Own Self

The following post is written by my dear friend and colleague Alex Amorosi. He is a registered yoga teacher and all around amazing human being. He maintains a phenomenal blog here. Enjoy this post he wrote about the art of listening to and responding to the core of your authentic self. And if you love […]

Lessons From Nemo: Fasting and Feasting

This past weekend, we had a major storm out here in New England. In fact, I’ve never seen so much snow at once! As I was watching Facebook, my inbox, and news reports I was intrigued with everyone’s efforts to prepare for the upcoming deluge. In fact, I found it incredibly interesting. Many people headed […]

Exposure Therapy: A Guest Post from Casey Becker

There is not one approach to treating food and body image issues. I have seen first hand the importance of incorporating of variety of tools to treat these chronic problems. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of eating lunch with Casey and was excited to hear about how she utilizes exposure therapy in […]

Resource: Audio Dharma

While meditation may sound a little hokey to some of you, there is good research to show for the benefits of incorporating a meditation practice into your life.  Interestingly enough, “neuroscientists have found that meditators shift their brain activity to different areas of the cortex – brain waves in the stress-prone right frontal cortex move to […]

Celebrity Diagnosis: Harmful or Helpful?

Check out this article below. Apparently a husband and wife (both physicians) have decided to take celebrity health issues and turn them into “teachable moments.” What do you think about this? On one hand, I hate the fact that it feeds into our unhealthy obsession with people who (in my humble opinion) are not always […]

Orthorexia: Can healthy eating be a disease?!

Yesterday, I received several emails with a link to this article on a condition called “Orthorexia.”  Most people read the article and wondered if it was serious, wondered if it wasn’t some sort of exaggeration or joke.   And while I admit, reading about it online may seem strange or even ridiculous, it is a […]

All Women Worry About Getting Fat

So my Dad sent me this article from Yahoo! News.  A recent research study shows that women who have a normal perception of body image based on psychological screening tests still have brain scans that reveal they are concerned about getting fat.  In fact their brain scans are similar to women with full blown eating disorders. […]

Improving Body Image

Many of the clients that I see for individual nutrition counseling struggle with their body image.  I was scoping out some resources and came across a couple I thought were worthy of sharing.  I hope they may be of use to you or someone you know. 1.) The Body Image Workbook: An 8 Step Program […]

National Nutrition Month

In case you didn’t know, it’s National Nutrition Month.  A time to celebrate delicious and nutritious eating all month long!  The American Dietetic Association has provided a Good Nutrition Reading List that you may find helpful.  I’m currently reading “The Rules of Normal Eating” and am lovin’ it! Here’s to happy eating and happy reading. […]

You Are Not Alone: ED Support Letter

I wanted to provide one more useful tool for those struggling with an eating disorder.  I recently learned about the “You are Not Alone” Eating Disorder Support Letter.  Subscribe and receive a monthly inspirational letter to support you along your path to recovery.  Please forward this along to anyone you think may benefit from this […]

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

February 21-27 is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAW) NEDAwareness Week is a collective effort of primarily volunteers, eating disorder professionals, health care providers, educators, social workers, and individuals committed to raising awareness of the dangers surrounding eating disorders and the need for early intervention and treatment. The Theme: It’s Time to Talk About It […]

Fitness Fact: Let’s Move

For this month’s fitness fact blog post, I decided to highlight the new Let’s Move website I mentioned on Monday’s blog post. Did you know that children need at least an hour a day of vigorous play and activity to stay healthy?  This may seem like a lot but consider the number of hours children […]

Media Literacy vs. Thin is In

I recently blogged about Ralph Lauren and the fashion industry’s constant stream of messages and images which negatively affect women’s self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. And unfortunately, the glorification of a thin body is so pervasive in our society; it’s becoming more and more difficult to question its validity. I’m currently in the middle of […]

Staying “Regular” Through the Holidays

Bet you never expected to find an article on bowel health during the holidays! But let’s be honest, at this time of year, most of us are thrown from our regular routines and this can affect how things are going (or not!) in the GI department.  Here are a couple of ideas: 1.) Move your body.  […]

Thanksgiving Food Preparation Tips

Alright, you’ve got 7 days until the Thanksgiving feasting begins.  If you are a bit inexperienced in the kitchen, Thanksgiving may feel a bit overwhelming!  However, I was just forwarded a link to a fantastic resource developed by Alice Henneman at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  This link has articles on:■Planning ahead for Thanksgiving Day ■Where […]

Holly Clegg’s Cookbook “Eating Well Through Cancer”

I have an absolute love for reading and buying cookbooks.  Everytime I get a new one, my husband wonders if I don’t already have enough recipes to choose from…I reassure him that you can never have too many cookbooks.  And one of my very favorite cookbooks is one I received while teaching a nutrition class […]

The Feeding Relationship: Parents & Children

I just got back from serving on a health panel at my church here in Cambridge.  I thoroughly enjoyed talking about my topic of choice (food and nutrition) for two hours.  While there was a wide variety of questions that I addressed, a common theme focused on the feeding relationship between parents and children.  While […]