Natural Remedies: Ginger & Nausea Relief

Sorry for my delay in blog posts!  Not only have I been busy at work, but I had the misfortune of acquiring some sort of terrible stomach virus.  Fortunately, I felt well enough to speak at the WECAN event at Harvard this afternoon on the topic of “Becoming Your Own Nutrition Expert.”   One of […]

Jillian Michaels: Sued

According to the Associated Press: Jillian Michaels has been sued for alleged false advertising by a woman who claims she was duped into buying a diet supplement endorsed by the celebrity trainer. Christie Christensen of Lake Elsinore, Calif., is seeking class-action status for the case she filed Tuesday in Los Angeles. Michaels is a hard-charging, […]

Staying “Regular” Through the Holidays

Bet you never expected to find an article on bowel health during the holidays! But let’s be honest, at this time of year, most of us are thrown from our regular routines and this can affect how things are going (or not!) in the GI department.  Here are a couple of ideas: 1.) Move your body.  […]

Sports Drinks

On Saturday I had a great time teaching a workshop at Wu Dao Kung Fu on fueling for exercise and everyday living.  One of the things we discussed was using sports drinks for hydration, a topic that I thought others might be interested in as well.  I see people sipping on powerade, gatorade, vitamin water, etc. all […]

Exercise & Osteoporosis Prevention

Turns out that October 20th, 2009 is World Osteoporosis Day.  Additionally, the National Osteoporosis Foundation is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  They’ve developed several useful handouts: 25 Facts about Your Bones & Osteoporosis 25 Calcium Rich Foods 25 Ways to Improve Your Bone Health 25 Ways to Prevent Falls While you might not be able to […]

Vitamin D Supplementation

Yesterday I got a phone call from my friend. She had just been to her doctor, who informed her that her serum Vitamin D levels were very low. Consequently, he prescribed a pretty serious supplementation regimen for her to follow for several weeks in order to raise her levels back to a normal range. Naturally, […]


Most of you have probably seen commercials for the over the counter weight loss pill Alli.  Currently, it’s the only FDA approved non-prescription weight loss pill.  Back in 2007 the pill was approved and sales for the product sky rocketed…and I was skeptical. According to the Alli website, the pill works by attaching to “some […]

Popping Pills is No Health Guarantee

I suppose I’ll start this blog post with a little self-disclosure. I don’t take a daily multi-vitamin. What can I say, I’m a registered dietitian and a huge proponent of getting nutrients from food. Plus, I can’t stand pills and can never seem to remember to take them. But during my relatively short career as […]