Self-Compassion and Embodiment While Recovering from Disordered Eating

This is a guest article by my colleague, Sarah Patten, one of the Registered Dietitians with the Marci RD Nutrition team. The cold days of February are upon us and the winter doldrums have settled in for many. On the days when I’m most longing for warm weather and sunshine, I try to remain grateful […]

The Body Image Tour: Lessons Learned

Traveling across the United States, training clinicians on body image work with my Aussie side-kick, Fiona Sutherland, was not something I ever envisioned for myself. In fact, just about everything I’ve done in my career thus far fits under the category of “things I never envisioned.” But the process of developing and giving this training […]

The Most Important Thing My Clients Taught Me This Year

Day after day, hour after hour, I listen to the intimate details of my clients’ lives. I love this part of my job and I am consistently struck by two truths: Being a human is HARD. If you had my job, you’d be less harsh with yourself. You would be able to see your struggles […]