It’s Winter & Soup’s On!

Picture Source Soup is one of the best parts of winter. It’s warm, it’s comforting, and one pot meals are super easy. Plus the varieties are endless. And as I discovered last year, January is National Soup Month. So I had to share with you a couple of my tried and true favorite soups to […]

TBT: Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salad

I originally posted this recipe last summer so I’m calling this Throwback Tuesday. This is one of my favorite and easiest recipes. It’s Spring (although admittedly feels like late Fall here in Boston) and this salmon dish is perfect for grilling! But if you aren’t ready to fire up the grill quite yet, it’s a […]

Breakfast Cookies? YES PLEASE!

   I love cookies. They might be my favorite dessert. It’s actually a toss up between cookies, cake, and brownies which makes up like 75% of dessert options. I digress…I also like a very simple breakfast because as much as I would like to make more time for breakfast, I don’t. So when I started […]

Putting the Smooth in Smoothie

Original post located here on The Academy for Nutrition and Dietetic’s Blog- Stone Soup. As a dietitian, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been way behind the smoothie bandwagon. Sure, I’ve made smoothies before. But over the past year or so, juicing and blending everything — from spinach and kale to berries and chia seeds […]

Morning Bars

A friend of mine passed along the following recipe for a homemade granola bar and I’m completely in love. These bars are simple to make and super filling. They are a fun breakfast alternative with fruit and milk or make a great afternoon snack. Enjoy! Ingredients:Cooking spray2 cups old-fashioned or quick-cooking rolled oats (gluten-Free, if […]

Recipe: 5 Ingredient White Chicken Chili

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. I like really yummy food, really fast. After a long day of work, I don’t have the time or energy to cook anything elaborate. And after I made this recipe for a group of friends, I knew that I had to share it on my blog. […]

Recipe: Bean and Chicken Sausage Stew

I love food that’s high in flavor but short on time. So my favorite go to recipe in the fall and winter months are one pot meals. This recipe is a 15 minute Bean and Chicken Sausage stew I found on Pinterest via Real Simple. It’s right up my ally (with a few tweaks). Serve […]

Recipe: Arugula and Lentil Salad from Martha Stewart

I recently tried out a recipe that I wanted to pass along. It’s a fantastic summer recipe that doesn’t necessarily require cooking, is incredibly fast and easy, and tastes great. I brought this dish to a potluck and it worked really well as a side dish. But you could also serve a bigger portion with […]

Breakfast Outside the Box with Janel Ovrut Funk

My friend, colleague, and vegetarian food blogger Janel Ovrut Funk has an AWESOME idea to share for breakfast. She knows how much I value healthy fats in the diet and deplore the fat-free craze of the 90’s that seems to be hanging around in our cultural consciousness. So thank you Janel for this post for […]

Summer Salad Recipe with Couscous and Veggies

Ok, I use the term “recipe” very loosely because I don’t really measure ingredients. But this salad came out so scrumptiously and made such wonderful leftovers, I made it two weeks in a row.  Summer Couscous Salad Ingredients 1-2 cups whole wheat couscous 1-2 medium zucchinis. sliced and quartered 1 bunch of asparagus, sliced 1/4 […]

Recipe: Toaster Cakes

This recipe comes from a student in my Nutrition Counseling course at Plymouth State University’s Eating Disorder Institute. I haven’t made the recipe yet but it sounds like a fun breakfast option for the morning of 4th of July! It’s a perfect time of year to incorporate berries. The anti-oxidant richness of the vibrant berries […]

Recipe: Grilled Balsamic Strawberries by Elizabeth

I’m often drooling at the posts and pictures of food that Elizabeth shares. And these strawberries are no exception. Talk about a fantastic summer treat! Perfect for pairing with your favorite grilled entree. And the beauty is that it is so ridiculously simple. Grilled Balsamic Strawberries Soak strawberries in balsamic vinegar for 15 min.  Rub […]

Product Showcase: Frozen Edamame

 I absolutely love edamame. It’s inexpensive and stays well frozen for weeks at a time. It’s full of protein and healthy fats. Edamame in the pod can be thrown in boiling water for a couple of minutes or zapped in the microwave for a quick and yummy snack. Or you can buy the shelled kind […]

Considering Kitniyot

 Below is a special blog post for Passover written by guest blogger Rachel. If you are interested in reading more about eating disorder recovery from a Jewish perspective her blog is an absolute must read. Picture Source Oh, Pesach. So many food rules, so many opportunities for obsessive thinking. Now, I love the holiday’s theme […]

Recipe: Spiced Balsamic-Beet Compote

 I recently attended a bridal shower where this spiced balsamic beet compote was served. And it is truly amazing. Delicious served with crusty sourdough bread as a delicious appetizer. Plus the gorgeous jewel-colored beets are a beautiful addition to any table. Do you have any appetizer recipes you can’t live without? Please share! Recipe and […]

Recipe: Butternut Squash Stew

This blog post is brought to you buy Lauren Fowler, dietetic student. Enjoy! Over the past few weeks, I thought spring had come early because of the lack of snow and cold temperatures. I woke up to a surprise snowstorm last week, and this soup was the perfect recipe to warm me up after walking […]

Recipe: Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas

My friend Kate shared her fabulous Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas recipe and it tasted so good I wanted to share it with all of you. It’s packed full of smoky flavor and I love the contrast of the sweetness from the potatoes and creaminess from the beans. Mmmm! It’s also packed with natural […]

Recipe: Eggs Poached in Marinara Sauce

Another reader passed along this tasty and super easy recipe and I had to share. Talk about a great week night speed meal. Plus the eggs are a stellar source of very affordable protein and the fat-soluble vitamins are a plus. Please don’t fret about the cholesterol in eggs. Even the American Heart Association gives […]

Recipe: The Best Sweet Potatoes EVER

I truly LOVE Thanksgiving food. And sweet potatoes are at the top of my list of favorites. I tried these sweet potatoes two years ago and posted on my blog immediately. But it came to my attention that the link to the recipe is no longer active! So I felt the need to re-post. The […]

Recipe: Pecan Crusted Baked Salmon

A client was telling me about this fabulous salmon recipe that has been passed down to her from her Grandma. It sounded so scrumptious I had to share with you guys. I love salmon for it’s deliciously fresh flavor. But I also love eating it, knowing all the omega-3s are doing great things for my […]

Recipe: Pad Thai

The Very-Thai Pad Thai This post was written by Utchima Sriprachya-anunt, a dietetic intern at the Tufts Medical Center, Boston. You can follow her blog (which unfortunately, is in Thai) at Every time I tell people I come from Thailand, the next thing that always follows is “Ooh I love Pad Thai. Can you […]

Crunchy Tofu Fingers

I am not vegetarian. Nor am I a huge fan of tofu. But I do like variety in my diet and am often surprised about the number of inquiries I receive from vegetarians concerned about their nutritional intake. In all reality, eating sufficient protein isn’t terrible tricky (vegetarian or not). Great vegetarian protein sources include: […]

Summer Salsas

 As August is coming to a close, I had to share with you two of my favorite summer salsa recipes. I guess I just can’t let go of the idea of an endless summer. 🙂 Pair these tasty salsa with corn chips, burritos, or burgers. They’re a yummy way to incorporate fruits and veggies into […]

Balsamic Vinaigrette

I love a good balsamic vinaigrette. It’s great for salads and wraps and marinating portobello mushrooms. And I was recently inspired by an article I read for the many uses of a tasty (and also cheap!) homemade vinaigrette. Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette1/3 cup balsamic vinegar (play around with flavored vinegars!)1 clover garlic, minced1 tsp. dark brown […]

Product Showcase: Sweet & Snappy Thai Chili Glaze

Wow. I just finished up a super duper delicious dinner and had to share my new favorite product with you. I found it at a farmer’s market on Martha’s Vineyard and have been lovin’ it ever since. It’s called Chesca’s Kitchen: Sweet and Snappy Thai Chili Glaze. You can check it out here and send […]

Marci’s Cherry, Goat Cheese, and Roasted Veggie Salad

On Sunday I was craving some fresh, seasonal food. And I ended up creating the most delicious salad ever. It makes for a great summer side dish. Please note, when I cook I don’t measure, so what I have indicated below are my best guesses at measurements. Have fun with my recipe or get creative […]

Recipe: Curry Chicken Salad with Bananas

This post was written by Jessie Erwin, dietetic intern at the University of Connecticut. You can follow her Tweets at @JessieHealth. Back when my husband and I were studying at Amherst College in Amherst, MA, we used to eat at a restaurant called Judie’s. Although I loved to try new dishes every time I went […]

Asian Rice and Vegetable Bowl With Eggs and Chili Sauce

I love my Real Simple magazine and I love Asian cuisine. So I was delighted to try this recipe from my February issue of Real Simple. I have no idea how authentic this recipe is, but let me just say it is DELICIOUS and super simple. A big bowl of goodness…hmmmm. 🙂 Picture Source *Note […]

Quinoa Chili Buns

This recipe was sent to me a from a reader and friend. If you have any recipes that you think deserve a little press, SEND THEM MY WAY! This chili recipe is excellent in a bowl or served as a sandwich. The chili thickens over time, so it makes a great consistency for a “sloppy joe” […]

My Totally Kick-Butt Veggie Lasagna

Last week a friend of mine said something that kind of broke my heart “Marci, when you get rid of all the unhealthy stuff in your diet, you aren’t left with anything that tastes good.” Au contraire!  If you agree with those sentiments, there are potentially two culprits here: 1. You are eating too rigid. […]

Black Bean and Walnut Burgers

Last week my husband and I lost power in our apartment. Not only did my work come to a grinding halt (not complaining) but I couldn’t cook dinner. I quickly picked up the phone and dialed for Thai food take-out, my favorite. We had some brown rice leftover but not enough for a meal. I […]

Chunky Chicken Picadillo Chili

Are you in the mood for something warm and comforting for dinner?  I am absolutely in love with this super simple chili.  I’m telling you, try this recipe out.  It is delicious and perfect for a cold winter night. CHUNKY CHICKEN PICADILLO CHILI Ingredients2 tsp. ground cumen2tsp. chili powder1 tsp. salt1/4 tsp. cinnamon1 pound boneless, […]

Dietitian Approved Thanksgiving Recipes

Are you still looking for some recipe inspiration for Turkey Day?  Registered Dietitian Jenna A. Bell is blogging about “Dietitian Approved Easy, Tasty Recipes.”  You may find something great! (Although I did see a recipe for fat-free gravy which sounds kind of gross if you ask me.) Here’s a link to one of my top […]

Yogurt-Chocolate Frosting

A week ago I was one of thousands of dietitians attending our annual American Dietetic Association Conference.  And to my good fortune, it was in Boston so I didn’t have to travel far!  There are hundreds of vendors at the conference exhibit hall (and let me tell you, a lot of non-food/non-nutritious items).  But Chobani […]

Super Simple Mediterranean Chicken

I made this chicken dish up the other night and was thrilled with the results.  It’s delicious, easy, and great paired with a winter veg like sweet potatoes or butternut squash. IngredientsChicken Breast, as many as you’d likeRoasted Red Pepper Dressing (anything works really, I bought the Cindy’s Kitchen brand from Whole Foods)1 onion, slicedFeta […]

Recipe: Salmon with Fig & Apple Spread

Every once in a while, I even impress myself in the kitchen.  On Saturday I had a real hankering for salmon but was bored with my typical go-to salmon recipes.  But while I was strolling the aisles of the grocery store, my eyes widened as I saw a little jar of fig spread.  Hmmm, it’s […]

Recipe: Southwest Quinoa

A couple of weeks ago I had some friends over for dinner.  Our guests were all vegetarian and one has celiac disease.  So I needed a meat-free, gluten-free meal and knew just the thing.  I had a box of organic red quinoa from Trader Joe’s stashed in my cupboard and there was a recipe on […]

To Die for Recipes: Two Winners

Thanks for sharing your recipes with me!  I received two that I was particularly excited about. The first is my from my friend Bianca.  Check out her blog post! Green or Yellow Bean Fries1. Buy as many fresh green or yellow beans as you’d like2. Wash and trim them3. Line a pan with aluminum foil, […]

Eggless Salad

I stumbled across this delicious recipe, courtesy of the the Red Lentil restaurant in Watertown (which I HIGHLY recommend for delicious vegetarian/vegan food).  It’s a fabulous meal for a warm summer day and makes great leftovers!  The recipe list looks long but it’s a lot of stuff you likely have on hand. Eggless Salad 2 […]

Homemade Granola Bars: Walnut & Dried Cherry

Have you ever noticed that most granola bars keep you full for like 30 minutes?  That always really bugs me.  I like granola bars because they are tasty and portable.  But on the flip-side the more nutritious bars (like Larabars and Kind bars) can be expensive and the less expensive bars (like Nature Valley and […]

Trader Joe’s Spicy Peanut Dressing

So I was sitting with my lunch, thinking about what product I wanted to highlight this month.  And then it hit me, I had to blog about the absolutely TO DIE FOR salad dressing that I was relishing on my grilled chicken salad that very moment.  Let me just say that I look forward to […]

Ginger & Lemon Grilled Chicken

Looking for a simple & delicious summer recipe?  I think this one fits the bill.  I like making a batch of this Ginger & Lemon Grilled Chicken to use throughout the week.  I’ll throw it on salad greens, in a whole wheat tortilla with arugula and tomatoes, or on some rice with veggies.  Enjoy! Your […]

Product Showcase: MAC Knife

I have a fear of sharp objects.  It stems from an accident I had in my adolescence but irrational fears still remain.  So you may be surprised to know that the one thing I wanted for my birthday was a real chef’s knife.  So after a bit of research and help from my friend Kris […]

25 Healthy Meals in 20 Minutes or Less

As a Registered Dietitian (RD) I subscribe to multiple nutrition listservs. One such listserve was discussing their responses to this article I recently blogged about.  As a result, many of the RDs were claiming how easy it is to pull together a nutritious meal in under 30 minutes.  One of the RDs decided to collect […]

New Recipe: Bulgur Chicken Salad

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe simply because I haven’t tried any news ones I’ve been crazy about.  But I made this bulgur chicken salad yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Truth be told I had never used bulgur in a recipe before.  Turns out its super cheap and an extremely easy whole grain […]

Edamame Pate’ Sandwiches

Are you tired of eating turkey sandwiches for lunch?  If your are anything like many of my nutrition clients, you are looking for simple meal ideas that are healthy, yet taste good! I just tried a recipe that may be a solution to your deli-meat doldrums.  Edamame Pate’ Sandwiches are a simple, nutritious, and easy […]

Kale: Two Stellar Recipes

It’s been a while since I posted a recipe and I could not resist sharing both of these with you.  Kale is a stellar veggie that most people have no idea how to prepare.  Kale is a form of cabbage (Brassica oleracea Acephala Group), green or purple, in which the central leaves do not form a […]

Product Showcase: Kashi 7 Whole Grain Pilaf

Since it’s Heart Month, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight a whole grain food product I absolutely love.  A few months ago I found Kashi’s 7 Whole Grain Pilaf in the hot cereal aisle.  It looked interesting so I bought it.  And to my delight, it is an absolutely scrumptious grain that cooks […]

A Little Spice in Your Life

Did you know that this week is National Salt Awareness week?  Weird, but true. If you’re interested in learning about the effects of a high salt diet, check out this link. Salt is usually a guilt by association kind of ingredient. It tends to be excessive in highly processed and packaged food items. On the […]

National Soup Month

I just discovered that January is National Soup Month.  I guess it makes sense.  It’s absolutely freezing outside and the idea of a nice comforting bowl of soup is exactly what I was craving while walking home from work today.  Lucky for me, a friend of mine had recently passed along one of her favorite […]

Product Showcase: Food Steamer

Delicously steamed veggies often play center stage in many of my meals.  And after talking to a lot of clients, I realized that many of you are cooking veggies in a pot.  Stop!  Pot cooked veggies deplete many of the precious vitamins and minerals and leave your veggies soggy and overcooked.  Ugh. I highly recommend […]

Kate’s Black Bean & Sweet Potato Enchiladas

My friend Kate shared her fabulous Black Bean and Sweet Potato recipe and it tasted so good I wanted to share it with all of you.  It’s packed full of smoky flavor and I love the contrast of the sweetness from the potatoes and creaminess from the beans.  Mmmm!  It’s also packed with natural sources […]

Cashew-Mushroom Pate’

I was recently invited to a friend’s house for dinner and wanted to bring an appetizer that was tasty, easy to transport, and something different from my usual chips with bean salsa.  So I pulled this recipe from my “Recipes to Try” binder.  It was very simple and a great change of pace.  The flavors meld really […]

Recipe: Bean Salad with Quinoa

This recipe is great for so many reasons:1.) It tastes delicious2.) It’s a great source of whole grains, fiber, and plant-based phytochemicals3.) It makes great leftovers4.) It’s easy5.) It’s gluten-free and vegan Don’t be intimidated by the long list of ingredients.  It’s all basic stuff you probably already have (or might want to think about […]

Homemade Facials & Face Masks

I recently received a fabulous gift to get a facial at Le Pli spa in Harvard Square.  While I’d love to say that this happens frequently, I would be lying.  But while I was there, my estetician Helen gave me some great pointers for keeping my skin healthy with some cheap, easy, and fun at-home […]

Product Showcase: Frozen Edamame

Since this month is Diabetes Awareness month, I wanted to showcase a produce that makes for great low-carbohydrate, high-protein snack.  Most of us tend to snack on high carb items like fruit, granola bars, and crackers.  These types of snacks can make it very hard for a person with diabetes to keep good control over […]

The Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

I live in Cambridge and have found myself surrounded with friends that follow a vegetarian/vegan diet.  Their rationale for doing so varies from person to person: health benefits, decrease damage to the environment, reduce animal suffering, etc.  While I don’t follow a strict vegetarian lifestyle, I am a huge advocate of replacing some of your […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that October marks the 25th year of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM)?  The purposes of this annual campaign is to increase awareness, raise funds for research, and promote prevention and early detection. Please note that Friday, October 16th is National Mammography Day.  Take this as an opportunity to schedule a mammorgram or […]

Mixed Vegetable Masala

This is one of my favortie Fall recipes.  I love one pot meals and this one is a cinch.  The total prep time is probably an hour, but aside from chopping there is basically no work involved other than stirring.  If you don’t have garam masala, I recommend you go pick some up at Whole […]

Holly Clegg’s Cookbook “Eating Well Through Cancer”

I have an absolute love for reading and buying cookbooks.  Everytime I get a new one, my husband wonders if I don’t already have enough recipes to choose from…I reassure him that you can never have too many cookbooks.  And one of my very favorite cookbooks is one I received while teaching a nutrition class […]

Farmers’ Markets in Cambridge

Below is some basic information on Farmers’ Markets in Cambridge.  I thought this blog posting may be helpful to my friends and clients in the area.  If you don’t live near me, perhaps this may inspire you to check out a farmers’ market in your neck of the woods!  Summer is a great time for fresh […]

Seasonal Produce = Nutrition & Money Savings

A cost effective and delicious way to take advantage of summer’s fresh berries is to buy in bulk and freeze them.  I found a deal on a huge case of blueberries.  I kept some for eating and some for freezing.  And my favorite thing to do with frozen berries is whipping them up into delicious fruit smoothies.  Blend together your favorite […]

Eating by the Season- Asparagus

Eating food that is in season is one of the best things you can do for your health and your local economy.  Produce that is in season tends to be higher in nutritional quality and available for purchase from your local farmers markets…soon to be sprouting up! Here is a link to a fabulous resource from the website […]