• Product Showcase: Building Your Anti-Dieting Community

    Image Source In this Product Showcase I provide you with four resources to build your anti-diet community. And if you are trying to get off the dieting train, you know it takes fortitutde and a lot of positive reinforcement in this toxic and obsessed culture we live in. I review the book “The Gluten Lie” […]

  • Fall Products I Love & Hate

    In today’s vlog I give a roundup up 2 products I love and 1 product I hate. It’s my Fall special of showcases and no case that I think you’ll love. I’m talking my favorite cures for the common cold, simple and delicious frozen food, and taking yoga challenges to task. Tune in and then […]

  • Product Showcase: Fairlife

    I recently learned about Fairlife milk, a new product from the Coca-Cola company. This milk is different from all other milk for a couple of different reasons. Through a filtering process, lactose, the often tummy bloating and diarrhea causing sugar in milk, is removed. Additionally the milk gets separated into five parts — water, vitamins and […]

  • Vlog: Mary’s Gone Crackers

    I just realized that it’s been nearly a year since my last product showcase post. That is such a shame! And I hope to make it up to you with my very first vlog. Let me know what you think!

  • Product Showcase: The Foodery

    About a year and a half ago, two guys from a new company called The Foodery contacted me via Twitter. They wanted to meet up and learn about my practice and tell me about their food company as well. I enjoy meeting people in my community and learning about organizations that are food-related. But when […]

  • Product Showcase: Do Yoga With Me

    It’s been a little while since I written about a product I think is fabulous. And I think I have the perfect product to share with you for the winter time. I learned about it from a client who had been wanting to try yoga but experienced a lot of barriers to taking a class. […]

  • Product Showcase: Grano

    I’m really obsessed with Ana Sortun. She’s a Boston-area chef and makes insanely good food. So, I suppose it’s more accurate to say I’m obsessed with her food since I actually don’t know her. But in any case, if you haven’t eaten at Oleana or Sofra, do yourself a favor and go. Just go. And […]

  • Product Showcase:Frozen Sweet Potatoes

    I don’t know if you’re like me but I love really good food and I like it pretty darn quick. Right now, my schedule just doesn’t allow for meals that take more than 30 min to prepare. So I’m always looking for nutritious, speedy options for meal time. And this weekend I stumbled upon another […]

  • Product Showcase: The Foodery

    I have never been a fan of pre-made diet-based meals like Jenny Craig. They are tasteless, nutritionally inadequate, and provide a “quick fix” without the ability to facilitate lasting and healthful change. And it wasn’t until I was recently introduced to The Foodery that I fell in love with the idea of home delivered meals. […]

  • Product Showcase: Flamous Falafel Chips

    A couple of weeks ago I ran to Darwin’s to pick up some pita chips. (Big shout to Darwin’s, home to some of the tastiest sandwiches I’ve ever tasted.) To my surprise they were all out. But they had falafel chips, which I had never heard of or tried. The package says it’s “the chip […]