Feeling disconnected from your body?

Do you feel disconnected from your body? Wanting to reintroduce movement back into your life in a gentle and mindful way? Feeling in need of support, guidance, and compassion as you re-engage with your body? Yoga can be the answer! Sarah Patten is one of our clinicians on the Marci RD Nutrition team. She is […]

Your Values – Your Key to Contentment

I’m a registered dietitian by training but so many of my clients tell me “You’re more than my nutritionist Marci, you’re like my life coach!” I take that feedback seriously!! My clients trust me to join with them on their life journeys and that is a privilege. There are a couple of reasons my clients […]

Practice Taking a Pause

By Sarah Patten, RD LDN One of my favorite routines after getting out of bed in the morning involves making a steaming hot cup of coffee and taking a moment before taking my first sip to pause, gaze out my kitchen window, and set an intention for my day ahead. This ritual started a couple […]


It’s the holidays! While it’s a time of stress and overwhelm, for many of you it’s also a time of tradition. The holiday season is filled with traditions and rituals and I have been thinking about this quite a bit. A ritual is a ceremony or action performed in a customary way. My extended family […]

Rituals- Your Daily Habits That Help or Hinder

It’s the holidays! While it’s a time of stress and overwhelm, for many of you it’s also a time of tradition. The holiday season is filled with traditions and rituals and I have been thinking about this quite a bit. A ritual is a ceremony or action performed in a customary way. My extended family […]

Solutions for Summer Social Eating

Does that summer potluck have you excited but stressed about overeating? You are not alone! And with a little thought and a little prep, you can successfully manage your summer social eating situations. In this video blog I help you think through your biggest pitfalls to eating without overdoing it and walk you through how to […]

Forgiveness with Alex Amarosi

I am so happy to welcome Alex Amarosi back as a guest blogger. He has shared his words of wisdom on the blog before. As a friend and colleague, I highly recommend you visit his blog to read his thoughts on all things yoga, self-care, and mindfulness.  Alex Amorosi-ERYT is a Registered Yoga Teacher offering […]

The Mindful Eating World Summit

I was honored to participate in The Mindful Eating World Summit. It felt like a great way to share, with a larger audience, my thought and experiences as a nutrition therapist. My interview airs on Wednesday, March 25th so please follow this link to catch all of the details. Mindfulness is a catchy word used […]

EDAW 2015 with Amber Barke

I hope you have enjoyed the line-up of blog posts so far. I am happy to introduce to you my colleague and friend Amber Barke. Amber, LICSW is an psychotherapist, yoga instructor, and mindfulness coach in Cambridge, MA. She favors an integrative mind-body approach in her work with individuals, groups, and in training settings. You can […]

Guest Post: The Little Book of Confidence

Here is another fantastic post by Christina Ypsilantis, Simmons Dietetic Intern.  Do you ever have times when you need a little boost to your day?  Sometimes a cup of coffee may help, some yoga, or even a brisk walk to clear your head.  While those can all be effective ways to get rid of the […]

Let It Go

No, I am not writing about the Frozen song that has undoubtedly gotten stuck in each of your heads in 2014. I’m writing about the things that each of us may need to let go of from 2014 to make space for the things we want to welcome into our lives in 2015. Recently, a […]

Annual Resolutions: Helpful or Harmful?

I hope you’ll enjoy this post on New Year’s Resolutions written by dietetic intern Christina Ypsilantis. We’d love to hear your thoughts! ‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions. I don’t know about you, but I think that making New Year’s resolutions can be fairly overwhelming. The idea of having to make a pledge for […]

My Christmas Wish

I saw this quote on Pinterest and knew I wanted to share it with each of you. The holiday season is an emotional time for all of us. And for many of you reading this blog, many of those emotions are extremely challenging. So my Christmas wish would be that each of you feel just […]

My Take on National Nutrition Month

Did you know March is National Nutrition Month? Each year in March, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics chooses a theme to celebrate. And this year’s theme is “Enjoy the taste of eating right.” The Academy is super into “eating right.” Their URL is www.eatrigh.org after all. I don’t like the worD “right” because it […]

It’s the Holidays: Take a Deep Breath…Seriously

The holidays are in full swing. What are YOU anxious about? Family Food High expectations Finances Too much to do and too little time The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is a mixed bag for most people. While it may be fun filled, it’s also a time of high anxiety. This year I thought […]

Recipe for Joy and Meaning

 Have you ever read a book that has truly transformed you? A book that has transformed your world view, your priorities, and your purpose? There have been a few of those books in my life time. Professionally, the first time this happened was when I read the book “Intuitive Eating.” That book  profoundly influenced the […]

Intuitive Eating, Intuitive Living Workshop

I am thrilled to announce the first Intuitive Eating, Intuitive Living Workshop that I will be facilitating with Amber Barke LICSW, RYT. On a day to day basis I am reminded of the number of people struggling with food, exercise, and their bodies. Amber and I have developed a workshop to address these very challenges.  […]

#ENDED with Nicole Ortiz

Someone tell me how it is already the end of August?? We are so excited to wrap up the summer with a fantastic #ENDED Twitter chat with a pageant queen and eating disorder awareness advocate Nicole Ortiz!  Nicole Ortiz is an entrepreneur, pageant queen and eating disorders awareness advocate. Having overcoming anorexia and bulimia, educating the community […]

#ENDED Twitter Chat with EDN Maryland Recap

Thank you to all that joined us last night for the #ENDED twitter chat with Eating Disorder Network of Maryland.  For those of you that missed it here’s a quick recap Q1. Eating disorders are incredibly complex- can we start by listing as many risk factors for developing an ED that we can think of?  PrjectED A1. […]

Top 10 Signs You Have A Healthy Relationship with Food

When you have a healthy relationship with food then… How would you finish this sentence? Kaleigh, from HugStronger asked me this question and given the culture of eating in the U.S. it’s a really important one. We live in a society that conflates health with morality, size with success, and appearance with identity. This takes a […]

#ENDED Twitter Chat with Dr Deah Recap

Thank you to all the participants for our Twitter Chat last night! We helped to ring in a body positive summer by participating with Dr Deah-Expressive Arts Therapist and Health at Every Size Expert . Missed the chat? We saved a recap here for you!  Q1. What does the term expressive therapy mean? What are […]

The Miracle of Mindfulness

By Elizabeth Jarrard RD “Aha!” moments strike me at odd times. Maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that I had a big “AHA!” moment about “mindfulness” during a yoga class (my first in far too long!). My teacher spoke to how hard it was to just move. To just go through the vinyasa flow, because our brain […]