• Falling in Like with Exercise

    In the space of 7 days I had 3 clients tell me that they recently discovered that they truly loved getting physically active. Yes, I mean exercise (a dreaded word for some of you, I know, bear with me). And I had to blog about this because all 3 stated that they started loving exercise […]

  • Fall Products I Love & Hate

    In today’s vlog I give a roundup up 2 products I love and 1 product I hate. It’s my Fall special of showcases and no case that I think you’ll love. I’m talking my favorite cures for the common cold, simple and delicious frozen food, and taking yoga challenges to task. Tune in and then […]

  • Brain, Mood, Exercise, and BDNF

    Ever wonder why laughter, medication, and exercise have the power to improve your mood? This video explains why that is and it all has to do with Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). I learned about BDNF for a 2nd time while attending The Academy of Eating Disorders annual conference last week. And I decided to […]

  • The Biggest Loser Controversy…Again

    The Biggest Loser is not a new topic of conversation on my blog. I have shared my opinion of the show a number of times. So I was quite pleased when, during the hub bub of last weeks’ TBL controversy, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reached out to see if I wanted to write […]

  • Product Showcase: Do Yoga With Me

    It’s been a little while since I written about a product I think is fabulous. And I think I have the perfect product to share with you for the winter time. I learned about it from a client who had been wanting to try yoga but experienced a lot of barriers to taking a class. […]

  • First Lady Michelle Obama & The Biggest Loser

    Several months ago I wrote a blog post about why I am not a fan of the TV show The Biggest Loser (TBL). Last week I heard that first lady Michelle Obama might make an appearance on the show to promote her (in my opinion) misguided but well-intended Let’s Move campaign. And when I heard […]

  • Exercise and Metabolism: Reality Check

    Metabolism, simply defined, is the energy your body uses up to keep you alive. Our culture is kind of obsessed with speeding up metabolism. Miss Jillian is only one of many examples I could have posted here. And you want to know what’s crazy, the same culture promotes ideas that actually slow your metabolism down! […]

  • Yoga &/or Meditation: Why She’s in Love with It

     Today we have the very good fortune to hear from guest blogger, Amber Barke, therapist and yoga instructor extra-ordinaire. While she has been a long-time lover of yoga and mindfulness practice, I am very much a newbie. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. For those who know me, either personally or […]

  • Earn Your Mac N’ Cheese Tonight

    Earn your mac n’ cheese tonight. You have probably read something like this and other similar obnoxious advertisements at your local gym. And it annoys me every time. Can you imagine telling a child that they have to run 5 laps around the back yard to earn dinner? NO! Of course not. So why do […]

  • Exercise: How to “make it count”

     * In order for my exercise “to count” it has to hurt*In order for my exercise “to count” I have to do it 6 days a week, for at least an hour*In order for my exercise “to count” I have to feel worn out after*In order for my exercise “to count” I can’t eat anything […]