Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2024 – Healing in Community

Today marks the first day of Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW) with this year’s theme, “Healing in Community.” Historically, during eating disorders (ED) awareness week, I’ve aimed my efforts at clinicians outside the ED profession. This year, I’m taking a different approach and speaking directly to those of us already treating EDs, because in order [...]

The Gifts I Receive from My Nutrition Counseling Clients

I love gift giving. And as someone who celebrates Christmas, gift giving is front of mind this time of year. But lately I’ve been reflecting a lot on the gifts that my clients have given me over the years and wanted to share a bit from my heart as we close out 2023. Over the [...]

4 Tips to Manage the Holidays with Chronic Illnesses and EDs

You can enjoy the holiday season as stress and symptom-free as possible. If you are reading this and struggle with an eating disorder (ED), chronic illness, or both, I am proud of you. You must manage countless challenges each and every day. EDs and chronic illnesses can be thought of as “invisible illnesses.” On the [...]

What’s my advice for getting started as an Eating Disorders Dietitian?

When students, interns, and dietitians ask me about what is required to get into the ED profession, I offer a couple of pieces of advice. The first is that you have to be willing to sacrifice time, energy, and money to specialize in eating disorders. It is a SPECIALTY, and it takes significant resources to [...]

How to Improve Body Image and Heal with a New Approach

Approaching Your Body Image by factoring in social and nervous systems when doing this work is often the path to healing. In my last blog post, I talked with you about why body image is so complex, what your bad body image is trying to tell you, and why your attempts to fix it likely [...]

Why Body Image is so Complicated and What it’s Telling You

Summer temperatures often bring the bad body image boiling right to the top. I get it, you are sweaty and exposed and damn, that’s uncomfortable. That’s why I have to talk about body image this month…and probably next. Today I’m going to share with you 3 things: Why body image is so complicated, what your [...]

Digestive Disorders and Eating Disorders: Answering Common Questions

Did you know that the majority of clients who suffer from an eating disorder (ED) also struggle with significant digestive health challenges? When I returned from maternity leave, I went to social media to ask - what content do you want from me? The resounding answer: digestive issues!! which is not surprising … Some studies [...]

Clinicians, Conferences and Expanding Your Skills

I find that October is a month where I look forward to attending conferences and events like the TEDD-WIND Inclusivity Conference. I do this in order to expand and elevate my skills so that my clients and students in my programs can grow as well. This year is a little different as I am away [...]

Body Image Training & Coping tools + Groups to help you!

Last month I wrote about summer body image struggles and I can’t thank you enough for all of the positive feedback I received from both individuals and providers. The topic resonated for so many of you and it’s a topic we can’t seem to get off our brains over here at Marci RD. Since it’s a [...]

Summertime Body Image is HARD!!

I know I am writing to folks across the globe, but here in the US, temperatures are hitting record highs, which seems to correlate with record high grumpy body image. With hotter temperatures and less clothing, it’s natural to feel more vulnerable and exposed. Often, summer brings more socialization and opportunities for body comparisons. Additionally, [...]

Having Equity in the Eating Disorders Field

I am thrilled to put all of my support behind the first upcoming BIPoC Eating Disorders Conference. In the video below, I share with you my perspective on why we as a field desperately need this conference and the action you can take to support it. IF you say you care about greater equity in [...]

When Eating Disorders and Chronic Illness Intersect

We are talking about Eating Disorders and Chronic Illness with our newest Dietitian at Marci RD Nutrition, Anita Dharwadkar. Did you know that chronic illness creates specific vulnerabilities to the development of mental health challenges and eating disorders? In my experience, this is an area that deserves a whole lot more attention. Have you ever [...]

Urgent Action: Standard of Care in the Field of Nutrition and Dietetics

Have you ever wanted to make a difference with just a few minutes of your time? Here’s your chance!! The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recently released a draft proposal of some really harmful recommendations through their Evidence Analysis Library. You can read the proposed guidelines for yourself here. To put it bluntly, they are advocating [...]

Boundaries & Gratitude are Like PB&J

Here in the United States, the Thanksgiving holiday reminds many of us to reconnect to our gratitude. Yet, this creates a very interesting tension for individuals with eating disorders because of the central role that food plays in our gatherings and celebrations. “I’m supposed to feel gratitude while managing all of this food stress?!” For [...]

3 Myths about Eating Disorders Treatment

While there are a lot of problematic myths out there, here are three Myths about Eating Disorders Treatment that I’ve been reflecting on quite a bit. As I have been doing all the legwork on the newest version of my online training “Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders” I have been thinking a lot about common […]

What Does Equality Have to Do With Your Body?

Today is Women’s Equality Day here in the United States. This is a day which commemorates “the 1920 adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which prohibits...denying the right to vote...on the basis of sex.1” I am so grateful that so many people have fought tirelessly and continue to fight for the [...]

What does body image healing mean?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog posts. It always surprises and delights me to get your feedback and appreciation. I always write from the heart and hope that at least one sentence will feel meaningful for at least one person...well let’s be honest, my bar is a bit higher than [...]

I Have Two Reasons to Celebrate!

I wanted to share a special message with you on International No Diet Day. And you'll learn why I find this day extra special. ;) I hope you'll join me in celebrating! Sneak Peek! I wanted to share this other special information with you too! “The Gut Brain Connection: Cutting Edge Research & Future Directions [...]

How Will We Get More People Doing Eating Disorders Work?

National Eating Disorders Week is upon us and I thought I’d share a little about why I love the work I do and why I am so passionate about expanding the field to more professionals. You can check out my video by clicking below or scroll down for the cliffs notes version.     As [...]

Ch Ch Ch Changes…

I have been singing the illustrious David Bowie song, “Changes,” while simmering over this month’s newsletter. Fall has always signaled a time for transition and change for me. Something about the start of a new school year, even though I’m no longer in school, lives in my bones. I get re-energized to refocus and reprioritize […]

Digestive Disorders and Eating Disorders: A Complicated Mix

Several years into my work as a nutrition therapist I found myself really grappling with a clinical dilemma. Many of my clients were not only suffering from an eating disorder but they were also suffering from pretty severe digestive issues. And these digestive issues were not only complicating their recovery but they were seriously impacting […]

Special Eating Disorders Training Package for New Grads and RDNs

One of the most common questions I get from students and new dietitians is this, “Marci, how did you get into the field of eating disorders?” The honest answer is that I received zero training in school, a tiny bit of exposure in my internship, then threw myself into self-study at the very beginning of […]

My Musings on National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Come as You Are. Think on that phrase for just a moment. Come. As. You. Are. What if we felt able to show up in all facets of our life exactly as we are? Not as we pretend to be. Not as we believe others want us to be. Not as external expectations demand we […]

Welcoming a New RD to the Team!

I opened the doors to my private practice exactly 11 years ago this month. It seems impossible that so much time has passed! And in those 11 years, I have welcomed 5 dietitians to my team. All of them compassionate, smart, hardworking, and fun! I have been truly blessed to be surrounded by women I […]

Feeling disconnected from your body?

Do you feel disconnected from your body? Wanting to reintroduce movement back into your life in a gentle and mindful way? Feeling in need of support, guidance, and compassion as you re-engage with your body? Yoga can be the answer! Sarah Patten is one of our clinicians on the Marci RD Nutrition team. She is […]

Free Resources and Goodies for the Holiday Season

For many of us, the months between October and December are filled with a flurry of celebrations with the holiday season. This can be a time filled with joy and excitement but also a tremendous amount of overwhelm and financial stress. As this week marks the celebration of Thanksgiving here in the United States, I […]

Calories In = Calories Out is BS

I posted an image on social media a few weeks ago stating “Calories In = Calories Out is Bullsh*t” and it was met with a massive response. I had a sense it’d strike a chord and it sure did. One of the dominant themes I heard from students and professionals was, “It is BS, BUT […]

Improving Digestion Without Obsession

Crystal Longo Savoy wrote this post on digestion while interning with me. You can follow her on Instagram. Marci has written about the intersection of digestive disorders and eating disorders previously in this blog post.  Because they are so closely intertwined and prevalent in the Eating Disorder (ED) population, we wanted to give you some simple […]

A Special Eating Support Program Starting In October

We’re so excited to announce that, Sarah Patten, an Eating Disorder and Intuitive Eating expert, will be starting a 5-week Intuitive Eating Group Program on Tuesday, October 3rd.   Do you want to improve your Relationship with Food? Are you looking for Guidance on how to honor your Nutritional Needs? Are you struggling with Recovery […]

Build Enduring Strategies with the Intuitive Eating Group Program

We’re so excited to announce our new Intuitive Eating Group Program Do You Want to Improve Your Relationship with Food? Looking for Guidance on How to Honor Your Nutritional Needs? Struggling with Recovery From an Eating Disorder? Marci RD Nutrition has a 5-week Intuitive Eating Group Program that will Transform You and Your Life!  We […]

Dietitians: Are you Ready for the EDRDpro Symposium?

Yes, the EDRDpro Symposium is the only international, web-based eating disorder conference for nutritionists, therapists, and students. Have you ever had the chance to participate in something that makes you giddy with excitement?? That’s exactly how I feel about the upcoming #EDRDpro Symposium – a 4 day online symposium with 15 eating disorder experts. How […]

BED and The Well-Trained Clinician: Are You Helping Without Harming?

The Need for Well-Trained Clinicians This blog post was originally posted on the Binge Eating Disorder Awareness Blog. I’ve reposted it here to spread the word!  Binge eating disorder (BED) may seem new since it was just added to the official list of mental health diagnoses. But the truth is that using food to manage […]

5 Week Mindful Eating Meal Support Series

Is working on your relationship with food a part of your goals for 2017? Marci RD Nutrition is offering a 5-week meal support series with eating disorder and Intuitive Eating expert Sarah Patten. Details below!   Who should consider participating? Anyone actively working on their eating disorder recovery as well as those focused on improving […]

Amy’s Journey- A Guest Blog Post About Recovery

Many of you will identify with some of what Amy has to share about her journey to making peace with food and her body. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. I know I did! I’m a pretty impatient person. I don’t really understand people who enjoy the journey… I just want to get to the […]

NEW Online Eating Disorder Training for Dietitians and Dietetic Students

  10% off until August 1st! <br /> I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of my Eating Disorders Online Training today! Whether you’ve been practicing for 20 years, or you’re a dietetic student or intern, the chances are high that you’ve received zero training on how to counsel people with eating disorders. Given […]

Help! I Am Addicted to Food

I have blogged about food addiction before.  But I recently had the opportunity to serve as a guest on my colleague and friend Julie Duffy Dillon’s Love, Food Podcast. (If you haven’t already subscribed, I totally encourage you to do so!) In this episode, Julie and I tease through a letter written by a woman […]

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2016 & Sarah Patten

Sarah Patten is a passionate eating disorder specialist who works with me in my practice. She is going to close out National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2016 by sharing with each of you “The One Thing She Wishes People Knew About Eating Disorders.” Take it away Sarah! Picture Source   Typically, when a person finds […]

#5- Recovery is Possible

A client in recovery wishes you knew: I never really believed in the concept of recovery. And while I’m not fully recovered, I’m so much further along than I ever dreamed possible. And while it’s been tough, my life is so much better without the clutches of my ED. I’m starting to believe that full […]

#4- Societal & Cultural Norms Fuel the Fire

A client in recovery wishes you knew: There are so many things that I wish people knew about EDs – and primarily because people don’t talk about them as much as they should given their prevalence and our society’s warped perspective on women’s bodies. No one who has an eating disorder wants it; they affect […]

#3- The Judgments Really Hurt

A client in recovery wishes you knew: 1. I’m not lazy (even though I’m fat) 2. Your judgement hurts- a lot. (I’m probably more judgmental of myself than you are of me anyway, I constantly have to content with “negative voices”.) 3. You can help by valuing me as a person for my ideas and […]

#2- Eating Disorders Come In All Shapes and Sizes

A client in recovery wishes you knew: Bodies really do come in all shapes and sizes, and we don’t teach kids that it’s OK to follow your own genetic blueprint. For me, eating disorder recovery means accepting that plus-sized is my body’s healthy setting. Another client in recovery wishes you knew: Eating disorders come in […]

#1- You Can’t Always See The Pain

A client in recovery wishes you knew: I wish that people knew that even though you are eating and smiling again and look better on the outside, you can still be suffering on the inside. Rebecca Scritchfield wishes you knew: You can’t always see the suffering. Most people assume that “harmless” occasional body bashing, or […]

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2016

A couple of months ago I began contemplating what I wanted to share for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAW) 2016. Each year for the past several years I have honored this important week with a variety of posts on insurance coverage, personal recovery stories, Twitter Chats, fact and statistics, and much more. And this […]

Product Showcase: Building Your Anti-Dieting Community

Image Source In this Product Showcase I provide you with four resources to build your anti-diet community. And if you are trying to get off the dieting train, you know it takes fortitutde and a lot of positive reinforcement in this toxic and obsessed culture we live in. I review the book “The Gluten Lie” […]

Guest Post: A Lesson from “Inside Out”

I am an adjunct professor at Plymouth State University’s Eating Disorder Institute. I love this job. I train clinicians and graduate students how treat people with eating disorders. One of the assignments I give my students is to write a blog post that would be fitting for my blog audience. I have selected one blog […]

Marci’s Top 5 Tips for Detoxing in 2016

       As we get ready to ring in the New Year, I wanted to share with you my top 5 tips for detoxing in 2016. I’m going to do this David Letterman style so starting backwards with: 5.) Detox your closet by ditching clothes you can only fit into when starving and overexercising […]

Nigella Lawson, Clean Eating, & Eating Disorders

  Recently, famed Chef Nigella Lawson appeared in an article where she stated that “Clean eating is a way to hide an eating disorder.” I posted this article on my Facebook feed and it generated A LOT of discussion. And it was amazing to me see the varied comments and strong emotion behind each of […]

Brain, Mood, Exercise, and BDNF

Ever wonder why laughter, medication, and exercise have the power to improve your mood? This video explains why that is and it all has to do with Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). I learned about BDNF for a 2nd time while attending The Academy of Eating Disorders annual conference last week. And I decided to […]

The Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act

Hey Readers, It’s not often that I talk politics on this blog. But after hearing Lizabeth speak at the MEDA conference a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I needed to have her write about this very important issue. Please, please take the time to read this. And if you have experience with this […]

21 Day Fix from a Passover Perspective

Rachel shared her blog post with me and I wanted to share it with EVERYONE as quickly as possible. She addresses a universally important topic- how we as women speak about our bodies and the damaging domino effect- that is relevant whether you celebrate Passover or not. Read it, re-read it, and share it. The […]

Forgiveness with Alex Amarosi

I am so happy to welcome Alex Amarosi back as a guest blogger. He has shared his words of wisdom on the blog before. As a friend and colleague, I highly recommend you visit his blog to read his thoughts on all things yoga, self-care, and mindfulness.  Alex Amorosi-ERYT is a Registered Yoga Teacher offering […]

EDAW 2015: Say Hello to Goodbye

I can think of no more perfect piece of writing to close this year’s EDAW. It is a letter, written by a client of mine, to her eating disorder. Here she expresses her gratitude and bids adieu to the eating disorder that has maintained a strangle hold on her life for four decades. Let these […]

EDAW 2015 with Amber Barke

I hope you have enjoyed the line-up of blog posts so far. I am happy to introduce to you my colleague and friend Amber Barke. Amber, LICSW is an psychotherapist, yoga instructor, and mindfulness coach in Cambridge, MA. She favors an integrative mind-body approach in her work with individuals, groups, and in training settings. You can […]

EDAW 2015 with Sarah Patten

It’s no secret that I love my job. I mention it a fair bit on this blog. And one of the many things I love about my job is the colleagues I collaborate with on a regular basis. And I am truly one lucky lady to call Sarah Patten my friend and colleague. I teach […]

EDAW 2015: I Had No Idea

I am so pleased to share with you another phenomenal post written by Rachel. She speaks to the Eating Disorder Awareness Week theme “I Had No Idea.” In this entry she shares both the hard and hopeful realities of eating disorder recovery with incredible insight and resilience. I know you’ll enjoy it. Rachel is an elementary […]

EDAW 2015 with Adrienne Kerrigan

This post was written by Adrienne Kerrigan. She is a Boston-based eating disorder expert and recovery coach. You can learn more about her here! In this post she shares with us why she loves working in the field of eating disorders as well as how her clients inspire her. Take it away Adrienne! As we […]

EDAW 2015: The Invisible Eating Disorder

I’m very grateful to a client of mine who agreed to write this post for Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Since this week is all about generating greater understanding and myth busting, I felt that my client’s perspective and story was incredibly important to share. It’s important because what she has to say is profound and […]

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2015

This week we honor and acknowledge eating disorders awareness week. In this vlog I introduce the theme for 2015 as well as the group of guest bloggers who make an appearance on the blog this week. It is an inspiring mix of clients and clinicians so I hope you’ll come back each day to read […]

Calorie Banking & Vyvanse

In this Vlog I talk about why you can’t get something for nothing, ESPECIALLY when it comes to food, nutrition, and health. I’ll be discussing two issues, calorie banking & the new FDA approved drug Vyvanse. Both of these have the potential to make big promises without properly identifying the costs. I hope you enjoy […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Support & Transition Services

One of the most difficult parts of eating disorder recovery is transitioning from lots of support to less. I work outpatient and often feel like a once a week session for my clients just isn’t enough! And this is why I think Adrienne’s business model and services are pretty brilliant. She’s incredibly experienced in working […]

Food Addiction & Research

**I wrote this post nearly a year ago and thought it was timely to re-post. Enjoy! A few weeks ago a wrote a post on food addiction and mentioned that I was working on a blog post for The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics blog. It came out last week and I wanted to re-post […]

Save the Date: Online ED Training with Marci

Save the Date!!! I am hosting a 5 week Eating Disorder Nutrition Therapy course for RDs and RDs-to-be. Whether you’re brand new to the nutrition field, or hoping to gain more experience in treating clients with eating disorders, this course will give you the skills and tools you need.  “Whether you are just beginning to […]

January is Mental Awareness Month

I recently had the pleasure of writing an article on the topic of Mental Awareness Month for The Academy of Food and Nutrition’s blog. It’s predominantly a post to bring awareness about eating disorders, the most relevant mental health issue facing dietitians. The full link to the article is here but I’ll share with you […]

Food Addiction and Research

A few weeks ago a wrote  a post on food addiction and mentioned that I was working on a blog post for The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics blog. It came out last week and I wanted to re-post it here but with a couple of other thoughts. One of the things I love most […]

Food Addiction: A Prelude

Food addiction is a hot topic right now. I’m currently working on a blog post on food addiction for The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and look forward to sharing it with you after its release. But in the interim I thought I’d give you a taste by sharing with you some intriguing research. The […]

Guest Post: On Purpose and Eating Disorder Recovery

Have you ever looked in the mirror and been unhappy with what you saw? Maybe you’ve even hated what you saw or even thought “if I could change that one part of me, I’d be ok.” As an eating disorder (ED) therapist, I am especially interested in how people see their physical bodies and their […]

Tips for the Holidays

I was recently invited to guest blog for The Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition’s blog “Today’s Diet and Nutrition.” There are a plethora of “tips for the holidays” articles out there so I suppose I added mine to the mix. While the blog post is specifically geared toward individuals with an eating disorder, I actually […]

Yoga &/or Meditation: Why She’s in Love with It

 Today we have the very good fortune to hear from guest blogger, Amber Barke, therapist and yoga instructor extra-ordinaire. While she has been a long-time lover of yoga and mindfulness practice, I am very much a newbie. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. For those who know me, either personally or […]

Exposure Therapy: A Guest Post from Casey Becker

There is not one approach to treating food and body image issues. I have seen first hand the importance of incorporating of variety of tools to treat these chronic problems. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of eating lunch with Casey and was excited to hear about how she utilizes exposure therapy in […]

Top 10 Signs You Have A Healthy Relationship with Food

When you have a healthy relationship with food then… How would you finish this sentence? Kaleigh, from HugStronger asked me this question and given the culture of eating in the U.S. it’s a really important one. We live in a society that conflates health with morality, size with success, and appearance with identity. This takes a […]

WTF?! The OMG Diet

 By Elizabeth Jarrard RD LDN  Every time I open up my computer, walk into a bookstore or turn on the TV there is a new diet book/philosophy that is screaming at me “Click/Open/Read here how to Lose 10 pounds in one week!” They all make my blood boil and make me want to let out […]

#ENDED Twitter Chat with Dr Deah Recap

Thank you to all the participants for our Twitter Chat last night! We helped to ring in a body positive summer by participating with Dr Deah-Expressive Arts Therapist and Health at Every Size Expert . Missed the chat? We saved a recap here for you!  Q1. What does the term expressive therapy mean? What are […]

#ENDED Twitter Chat with Dr. Deah

Help us ring in a body positive summer by participating in our #EndED twitter chat on Wednesday, June 27th 2012. I’m honored that Dr. Deah will be joining us to talk about body image, self/size acceptance and Expressive Arts Therapies. Dr. Deah Schwartz has more than 30 years of experience using therapeutic expressive arts in psychiatric […]

Considering Kitniyot

 Below is a special blog post for Passover written by guest blogger Rachel. If you are interested in reading more about eating disorder recovery from a Jewish perspective her blog is an absolute must read. Picture Source Oh, Pesach. So many food rules, so many opportunities for obsessive thinking. Now, I love the holiday’s theme […]

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week: Client Spotlight

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to share on my blog for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. And I didn’t think there could be anything more powerful than sharing a story of recovery from one of my clients. Enjoy. Committing to recovery was a difficult decision to make. Not because I didn’t […]

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2012: #endED Twitter Chat Re-Cap

  Thank you to all that joined February’s #endED twitter chat with National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) before Eating Disorders Awareness Week. NEDA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders. Elizabeth Saviteer ( @NEDAStaff )and Marci Anderson ( @MarciRD ) lead the chat and some wonderful comments were […]

Understanding Body Image: Part 1

When you read the words “body image” what does that mean to you? Body image is actually a pretty complicated topic. I google searched a definition and there were over 4 million results and quite the variety of definitions. For our conversation, I decided to select my favorite definition:   A term that refers to […]

Be Big

*Note: the post below is written by a client of mine, who happens to be extremely passionate about swimming. This article (in a longer form) appeared in the July/August 2011 New England Masters newsletter. She shared it with me and I was extremely eager to share it with you. Enjoy. Recently at the pool I admired […]

#endED Twitter Chat with Ashley Solomon, Psy.D

Our next #endED Twitter chat is Wed, June 29th with Ashley Solomon, Psy.D. We’ll discuss body image and eating disorder recovery. I can’t think of a better topic for summer. Check out the Facebook Event Page for more details, including how to participate in a twitter chat if you’ve never done so before. Below are […]

Good-Bye Jeans

I learn a lot from my clients. In fact, that’s one of the things I love about my work. A few weeks ago, I got an email from a client who wanted to bring in some old jeans to our next session. These were jeans she wore when her eating disorder was pretty darn bad. […]

Sunny Sea Gold and “Food: The Good Girl’s Drug”

In March I attended the BEDA conference and had the pleasure of hearing from and meeting Sunny Sea Gold. Sunny currently works for Redbook, has written a book for girls struggling with binge eating “Food: The Good Girl’s Drug”, maintains her blog, has recovered from her BED herself, and is a rock star “recovery warrior.” […]

#endED Re-Cap with Marsha Hudnall

Last night Marsha Hudnall RD joined #EndED as our guest expert on Binge Eating Disorder. There was a lot of great discussion that revolved around these questions: *How is BED diagnosed? *How is BED different than overeating? *How does someone know if their binges need to be addressed? *What are common myths about BED? *What triggers […]

#endED Twitter Chat with Marsha Hudnall

Our next #endED Twitter chat is Wed, April 25th with Marsha Hudnall MS RD (of Green Mountain at Fox Run). We’ll discuss binge eating disorder. Check out the Facebook Event Page for more details, including how to participate in a twitter chat if you’ve never done so before. Below are the questions Marsha will be […]

My Declaration about Eating Disorder Recovery

Recovery from an eating disorder has been an extremely hot topic lately. A recent New York Times article has created a firestorm in the eating disorder community (from clinicians, people suffering from an eating disorder, as well as their families). In fact, “recovery” is a highly debated topic as there is no consensus currently as […]

Nursery Rhymes & Emotional Eating

Emotional eating makes me think of the nursery song, “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly”. Just in case you need a refresher: There was an old lady who swallowed a flyI don’t know why she swallowed a fly – perhaps she’ll die!There was an old lady who swallowed a spider,That wriggled and […]

Intuitive Eating and Eating Disorder Recovery

I was recently asked by Nina V, owner of the website, to write an article on Intuitive Eating and eating disorder recovery. I recently completed my training to become a certified Intuitive Eating Coach and was thrilled to share my thoughts. Enjoy. Intuitive Eating is a phrase that is famous among many people hoping […]

#endED Twitter Chat Re-Cap with Harriet Brown

Last week Harriet Brown was our guest expert for our monthly #endED Twitter Chat. She taught us a lot about family based treatment for anorexia and the important roles that families play in supporting their loved one through recovery from an eating disorder. (If you want to learn more about her story, this is a […]

#endED Twitter Chat with Harriet Brown

Our next #endED Twitter chat is Wed, April 20th with Harriet Brown. We’ll discuss myths and facts about anorexia nervosa, family-based treatment, and ways in which families can positively affect eating disorder recovery. Check out the Facebook Event Page for more details, including how to participate in a twitter chat if you’ve never done so […]

Connecting to Ourselves: Hungers

This past week I had the privilege of attending a conference with the phenomenal speaker Anita Johnston, Ph.D. and author of Eating in the Light of the Moon. Dr. Johnston talked a lot about deciphering our true hunger by using imagery and metaphors. One thing in particular that really stood out to me was when she […]

Binge Eating Disorder Association Re-Cap

*Disclaimer: this post re-caps my personal highlights and gems learned during the BEDA conference. It’s much longer than I normally write for a blog post. I just returned from a trip to Scottsdale, AZ for the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA). Not only was the 90 degree weather therapeutic, but the speakers and networking was […]

#endED Twitter Chat with Evelyn Tribole Re-Cap

In 2004 I was living in Southern California and completing my dietetic internship. I was one of the very few assigned to spend a couple of months working at a residential treatment facility for eating disorders. Not only did I learn that I was passionate about treating eating disorders, but I discovered the book “Intuitive […]

#endED Twitter Chat with Evelyn Tribole

Our next #endED Twitter chat is Wed, March 23rd with Evelyn Tribole. We will be discussing intuitive eating and eating disorders. Check out the Facebook Event Page for more details, including how to participate in a twitter chat if you’ve never done so before.  Below are the questions Evelyn will be discussing. I hope you […]

Client Spotlight: 5 Lessons on My Path to Recovery

Every so often I have the pleasure of sharing with you a client’s story. (See the tag on the side of my blog: Client Spotlights). Eating disorder recovery is a long and scary road. Seeing the successes (both small and big), is a vital part of holding out hope and belief in a better life. […]

Guest Blogger: IAmGuiltless on Body Image

Today’s blog is brought to us by Elizabeth Jarrard, social media diva and co-owner of the blog “Guiltless”, my favorite positive body image blog out there! When was the last time you looked in the mirror and loved every part of your reflection? Who among us has not compared themselves to our peers? Can you […]

Establishing an Outpatient Eating Disorders Treatment Team

When struggling with an eating disorder, one of the hardest things to do is establish an outpatient team. An outpatient team typically consists of a therapist, physician, dietitian (sometimes referred to as nutritionist or nutrition therapist), and psychiatrist. If you live in Massachusetts, MEDA is the best resource for those struggling with an eating disorder […]

Reclaim Your Right

Hey Friends Check out my guest blog spot: Reclaim Your Right at The Nurture Principles. What do you think, any of you willing to put yourself first? Marci RD in Cambridge

3 Truths about Eating Disorders

There are loads of myths about eating disorders. Below are three myth-busting truths about eating disorders. Wear purple for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week! 1. Eating disorders are serious illnesses, not lifestyle choices Eating disorders are complex conditions that arise from a combination of long-standing behavioral, emotional, psychological, interpersonal, biological and social factors. As our […]

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Passion is defined as “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.” I am passionate about preventing, treating, and creating awareness about eating disorders. February 20th-26th is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAW). It’s one week out of the year that I commit to raising awareness about the very serious reality of this debilitating disease. Eating […]

Guest Post: Food as Connection

Today we have the pleasure from hearing from guest blogger Ashley Solomon, PsyD. Ashley is a therapist who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, body image, trauma, and serious mental illness. Please check out her fabulous blog Nourishing the Soul. Nourishing the Soul is a look at how our relationship with food can become distorted when […]

Product No Case: HCG Supplements

January 16-22 is Health Weight Week. I love their 3-fold mission:1. Celebrate diet-free habits2. Prevent eating & weight problems3. Work towards being accepting, happy, and healthy at our natural weights On the Healthy Weight Week website, they name their 2010 “Slim Chance Award Winners” for the worst weight products of the year. These horrible weight […]

A Call To Arms…Abs, Quads, Calves, Shoulders

Each month I try to post a blurb on exercise.  And this article (forwarded to me from a client, you know who you are and thank you) probably takes the cake.  Getting physical activity is about so much more than shaping and toning our tooshies.  And our culture’s weight and body obsession has darn near […]

Free Webinars & a Workshop from Renfrew

Free sounds pretty good, right?  Well it’s especially good if you are looking for additional support for you or a loved one with an eating disorder.  Renfrew is providing 2 free webinars and a workshop over the holiday season.  Check them out and pass the message along.  Eating disorder treatment is expensive, so take advantage […]

Eating Disorder Blogs

If you or someone you know is struggling with food and body issues, you probably already know that finding adequate support and helpful resources is CRUCIAL.  Gurze Books has been providing phenomenal eating disorder resources since 1980.  Check them out. One of my favorite resources is extensive list of eating disorders blogs written by the […]

Fat-Free Talk Week Part 2: Marci’s Rant

Over a week ago I blogged about Fat-Free Talk week, which many of you were inspired by.  And a conversation I had with a client actually sparked a memory of a recent talk I wanted to blog about!   The intelligent, vivacious, and inspiring Naomi Wolf (see here and here) gave the keynote address at […]

Supportive Specialist Open House at MEDA

Save the date!  MEDA is hosting a fantastic (and free!) open house that you may be interested in. On Saturday, November 6th, from 11a – 12:30p, MEDA will be offering a Supportive Specialist Open House that will highlight the expertise of our supportive specialists, including acupuncture, therapeutic touch, massage and expressive therapy. All are such […]

E! News 6 Part Series: “What’s Eating You”

E! will be running a new documentary on eating disorders. Below is a clip from their press release.  And here is a link to an article with a bit more information on what the series will feature. E! Explores Extreme Eating Disorders In The New 6 Part Series “What’s Eating You” (Los Angeles, CA, August […]

New Treatments for Eating Disorders

A client sent me a link to a radio program entitled “New Treatments for Eating Disorders” on the Diane Rehm Show.  While I haven’t had time to listen to the program myself, I thought it was worthy of sharing with you.  If you listen to the show, let me know what you think. The panel […]

The F Word

I feel that this NY Times article is too important to pass by.  We live in a society that values thin and derides fat.  We live in a society where a woman shows her strength and ability by shrinking herself.  We live in a society where fat embodies all that is wrong and thin embodies […]

Food For Thought: Omega-3s and Brain Health

I am fascinated by the connection between the fuel we put into our bodies and how it affects the way we think, feel, and act.  I am a believer that how we nourish ourselves plays a huge role in not only our physical health but also our mental health.  Yes, our diet has an impact […]

Free Renfrew Workshop for Those in Recovery

Are you or is someone you know working on recovery from an eating disorder?  The Renfrew Center is offering an excellent (and might I add free!) workshop/webinar.  Topics include goal setting, body image concerns during the summer, and coping with the challenges of vacations.  Here’s a link for more info.

Measurement of Health: Our Neck?

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I think measuring things like weight and BMI isn’t all that useful.  I just don’t feel that the information tells us a whole lot about our health. I believe that it gives us a sliver of information, not the whole picture.  I believe that focusing on behavior is […]

Orthorexia: Can healthy eating be a disease?!

Yesterday, I received several emails with a link to this article on a condition called “Orthorexia.”  Most people read the article and wondered if it was serious, wondered if it wasn’t some sort of exaggeration or joke.   And while I admit, reading about it online may seem strange or even ridiculous, it is a […]

Client Spotlight: Cooking and Climbing

Each month I look forward to posting a client spotlight.  And I’m so grateful that “A” was willing to share her story with all of you.  It has been so gratifying to work with her as she has worked hard to develop a happy/healthy relationship with food.  She has fought hard in her recovery from […]

Book Review: Goodbye Ed, Hello Me

I just finished reading “Good-bye Ed, Hello Me” by Jenni Schaefer and I am a HUGE fan.  Jenni wrote about being “in recovery” in her first book “Life Without Ed” (which is also a phenomenal book that I highly recommend).  But in this follow-up book, she talks about what life is like and what life […]

Oprah: Says She’ll Never Diet Again

In March I wrote a blog post about Oprah’s interview with Geneen Roth.  And just last week, she had Ms. Roth on her show.  Unfortunately I missed the show but have been thinking a lot about her vow to never diet again.  And several questions came to mind: * How many billions of dollars will […]

Advocacy and Eating Disorders

I spent the weekend attending the 2010 MEDA Conference: Getting Unstuck: Revitalizing the Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders.  The closing keynote speaker was Kitty Westin, a woman who’s daughter commit suicide as a consequence of her eating disorder.  Kitty has turned her grief into activism and has committed her life to advocacy for the […]

All Women Worry About Getting Fat

So my Dad sent me this article from Yahoo! News.  A recent research study shows that women who have a normal perception of body image based on psychological screening tests still have brain scans that reveal they are concerned about getting fat.  In fact their brain scans are similar to women with full blown eating disorders. […]

Yoga in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

A recent randomized clinical control trial of using yoga in the treatment of eating disorders appeared in the April issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health.  The study compared traditional treatment at an outpatient eating disorder center as compared to individual yoga plus standard care.  After 8 weeks, those in the experimental group showed lower […]

Client Spotlight: Finding Peace with Food

I find immense joy in sharing my client’s successes (click on the Tag “Client Spotlights” for more inspiring stories).  Here’s another spotlight that gives me goosebumps.  Check out J’s story of learning to surrender control and find peace with food. Recently, I’ve caught myself at random times having an unfamiliar feeling: I’m no longer controlled by food; […]

Improving Body Image

Many of the clients that I see for individual nutrition counseling struggle with their body image.  I was scoping out some resources and came across a couple I thought were worthy of sharing.  I hope they may be of use to you or someone you know. 1.) The Body Image Workbook: An 8 Step Program […]

You Are Not Alone: ED Support Letter

I wanted to provide one more useful tool for those struggling with an eating disorder.  I recently learned about the “You are Not Alone” Eating Disorder Support Letter.  Subscribe and receive a monthly inspirational letter to support you along your path to recovery.  Please forward this along to anyone you think may benefit from this […]

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

February 21-27 is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAW) NEDAwareness Week is a collective effort of primarily volunteers, eating disorder professionals, health care providers, educators, social workers, and individuals committed to raising awareness of the dangers surrounding eating disorders and the need for early intervention and treatment. The Theme: It’s Time to Talk About It […]

Is Sugar Addicting?

Is sugar addicting? I recently received an email from a friend who had this question. She felt that she was completely addicted to sugar and wanted to know my recommendations on how best to detox her system.  Little did she know, she was asking a question that researchers and scientists seriously debate.  Just google the […]

Client Spotlight: Honesty as a Tool for Change

Today I’d like to highlight a client I’ll call Tricia. I’ve been working with Tricia for nearly 8 months.  She’s battled bulimia for years, but her recent breakthrough is a lesson that applies to anyone looking to make positive change in their life. In short, Tricia decided to become transparent with me, her therapist, and […]

Exercise & Depression

If you tend to feel a bit blue during the winter months, you are not alone. Rates of depression increase during the winter, including people who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). In fact, recent findings suggest that the severity of eating disorder symptoms for bulimia peak in the Fall & Winter months. While clinically […]

Healthy Weight Week

You might not know it, but this week has been officially named “Healthy Weight Week.”  As a dietitian in Cambridge who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders and works predominantly with women who struggle with their weight and body image issues, I’m pretty sensitive to the topic of weight. It’s been my experience that […]

Food Tips for the Holidays

As a dietitian who works in the field of eating disorders, I am a member of MEDA (Multi-Service Eating Disorder Association).  MEDA is a phenomal resource for clinicians, family members, and individuals struggling with eating and body issues.  I recently received an awesome handout from Amy Armstrong, who is the clinical director at MEDA. The […]

Media Literacy vs. Thin is In

I recently blogged about Ralph Lauren and the fashion industry’s constant stream of messages and images which negatively affect women’s self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. And unfortunately, the glorification of a thin body is so pervasive in our society; it’s becoming more and more difficult to question its validity. I’m currently in the middle of […]

Ralph Loren Boycott

So did any of you hear about the Ralph Lauren photoshopping debacle?  Poor Filippa Hamilton.  Her waist was made to look smaller than her head after some editing that went seriously wrong!  The picture, shown below, is so ludicrous.  But I think it makes for an excellent reminder that the images we see in mainstream […]

What is Normal Eating?

Have you ever wondered what “normal” eating looks like?  I was recently forwarded this article on “normal eating” and wanted to share it with all of you.  What do you think normal eating looks like?  Here’s the article from the NY Times: Today, the mental health site asks an interesting question: What does it […]

Something Fishy…

As I talk with clients, family, and friends about the work I do in the field of eating disorders I’m amazed at the number of people who are closely linked to someone who has or is struggling with food and body image issues.  While these problems are pervasive, most people have no idea how to […]

Go on a media diet

Warning: this blog post could be taken for another “rant” I need to get off of my chest…. The other day, a client began a conversation with me as follows: Client: I’ve just been feeling so bad about my body. And I read in an article in People magazine that Melissa John Hart eats a […]

Family Meals

With all of the confusing headlines and shifting recommendations about eating, it’s no wonder many people feel uncertain about their diet. However, there is a large body of research that suggests one of the very best things you can do for your family is eat together! I found a relevant article on the Children’s Data […]

How much does Oprah weigh now? Who cares!

As a registered dietitian/nutritionist who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, a recent New York Times article caught my attention.  The title? “Bingeing on Celebrity Weight Battles.”  While Ms. Oprah Winfrey seems to have ignited the public’s interest of her own weight struggles back in the 80’s, the need for celebrity self-disclosure on everything weight related seems […]

When Economy Sours…What Soothes Your Soul?

A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from a Harvard journalism student looking to interview me for a nutrition-related article. He sent me a series of questions to answer via email along with a link to an article from the New York Times entitled “When Economy Sours, Tootsie Rolls Soothe Souls.” The […]

Eating Disorders: How to Reach Out

A few days ago, a close friend called with a dilemma.  “I think my friend has an eating disorder, what should I do?  What can I say?”  For anyone who has witnessed a friend or relative suffer the demands of such a destructive illness, you know how difficult these questions can be.  Please know that if you find yourself in such a situation, […]

Harvard Says Good-Bye to Calorie Counting

As a registered dietitian and nutrition therapist who treats eating disorders in Cambridge, I was intrigued by a recent article appearing on the CNN website. Harvard University Dining Services has decided to remove detailed nutrition information cards from their dining halls after parents and students raised concerns about their triggering effect for students susceptible to […]