• Defining Self-Acceptance… Or At Least My Definition

    My client, whom we’ll call Sally, was telling me how she’s been reading up on all sorts of positive body image blogs. You know, blogs that encourage you to love yourself and accept yourself as you are right now. And that was just all too far from reality for her to be able to swallow. […]

  • Product Showcase: Building Your Anti-Dieting Community

    Image Source In this Product Showcase I provide you with four resources to build your anti-diet community. And if you are trying to get off the dieting train, you know it takes fortitutde and a lot of positive reinforcement in this toxic and obsessed culture we live in. I review the book “The Gluten Lie” […]

  • Guest Post: The Little Book of Confidence

    Here is another fantastic post by Christina Ypsilantis, Simmons Dietetic Intern.  Do you ever have times when you need a little boost to your day?  Sometimes a cup of coffee may help, some yoga, or even a brisk walk to clear your head.  While those can all be effective ways to get rid of the […]

  • Crushing on Brene Brown

    I first read Brene Brown’s book “The Gifts of Imperfection” nearly two years ago after watching her landmark TED talk. Both the talk and the book affected me in ways that no other work had before. Her research and message has changed me as a person and as a clinician. I actually wrote a bit […]

  • Lessons From Nemo: Fasting and Feasting

    This past weekend, we had a major storm out here in New England. In fact, I’ve never seen so much snow at once! As I was watching Facebook, my inbox, and news reports I was intrigued with everyone’s efforts to prepare for the upcoming deluge. In fact, I found it incredibly interesting. Many people headed […]

  • Recipe for Joy and Meaning

     Have you ever read a book that has truly transformed you? A book that has transformed your world view, your priorities, and your purpose? There have been a few of those books in my life time. Professionally, the first time this happened was when I read the book “Intuitive Eating.” That book  profoundly influenced the […]

  • #ENDED Twitter Chat with Dr Deah Recap

    Thank you to all the participants for our Twitter Chat last night! We helped to ring in a body positive summer by participating with Dr Deah-Expressive Arts Therapist and Health at Every Size Expert . Missed the chat? We saved a recap here for you!  Q1. What does the term expressive therapy mean? What are […]

  • Mindfulness: The Art & Science of Changing Your Brain

    What do you think about when you hear the word “mindfulness?” To be honest, I used to think “nope, not for me!”. Breath in, breath out, follow my breath. Ugh! I honestly couldn’t see the point and every time I tried it seemed like a miserable failure.  And then I attended a workshop by the […]

  • #endED Twitter Chat with Michelle May

    If I said it once, I’ll say it again: I am STOKED about tomorrow night’s twitter chat. We have the pleasure of chatting with Michelle May, author of “Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: Break the Eat, Repent, Repeat Cycle” and creator of “Amy I Hungry?”. Michelle is a motivational speaker and guru of […]

  • Sunny Sea Gold and “Food: The Good Girl’s Drug”

    In March I attended the BEDA conference and had the pleasure of hearing from and meeting Sunny Sea Gold. Sunny currently works for Redbook, has written a book for girls struggling with binge eating “Food: The Good Girl’s Drug”, maintains her blog, has recovered from her BED herself, and is a rock star “recovery warrior.” […]