Super Simple Mediterranean Chicken

I made this chicken dish up the other night and was thrilled with the results.  It’s delicious, easy, and great paired with a winter veg like sweet potatoes or butternut squash.

Chicken Breast, as many as you’d like
Roasted Red Pepper Dressing (anything works really, I bought the Cindy’s Kitchen brand from Whole Foods)
1 onion, sliced
Feta cheese, crumbled

Marinade chicken in dressing for a couple of hours (I was short on time and only let ’em soak for 30 min.)
In a medium pan, saute’ onions in some olive or canola oil for 20 min, mixing frequently.
Heat a larger pan with cooking spray for about 30 sec-1 min (don’t let smoke).
Add the chicken (chuck the remaining dressing) and cook on both sides for 6-7 min each, or until done.
After onions are cooked, Mix onions and feta up (to desired taste) and plop onto each chicken breast.
Serve with your veggies and you’re done!

If you give this recipe a try, let me know what you think.  I’m clearly not a professional recipe writer, so hopefully it makes sense.  Have fun cookin’!

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