Summer Eating & the Shehechiyanu Blessing

Salmon with Brown Sugar and Mustard GlazeI was recently talking with a client about some delicious nectarines I had bought from Trader Joe’s. It sparked a conversation about how great it is to enjoy some of the summer fruits and veggies that we had been missing during the cold winter months. One of my favorite parts of my job is that I am constantly learning from my clients and as we were having this conversation she told me about this blessing called Shehechiyanu Blessing, which is a Jewish blessing used to celebrate special occasions.

And it turns out that eating food for the first time in a season is actually considered a special occasion! How cool is that? So as you are enjoying the special gems of the summer season, it’s a great opportunity to express gratitude. Whether it’s to Mother Earth or to someone/something else entirely, take a little time to say thanks as you bite into a fresh cob of corn, juicy peach, or barbecued chicken.

Grilling is one of my absolute favorite parts of summer eating. Below is one of my new favorite recipes for the grill. But if you don’t grill, you can also bake it in the oven. Enjoy!

Salmon with Brown Sugar & Mustard Glaze

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*If you opt to adapt this recipe for the grill, spread 3/4 of the glaze on about half way through grilling. Once it’s finished spread the last 1/4 of the glaze at the end.

What are your favorite things to eat in the summer time?