Staying “Regular” Through the Holidays

Bet you never expected to find an article on bowel health during the holidays! But let’s be honest, at this time of year, most of us are thrown from our regular routines and this can affect how things are going (or not!) in the GI department.  Here are a couple of ideas:

1.) Move your body.  Evening parties and social gatherings may interrupt your exercise regimen.  Regardless of your current commitment to physical activity, you may need to shift your schedule and make an even greater effort stay physically active.  This will help your stress levels and your bowels.

2.) Don’t forget to include whole fruits and vegetables at every meal.  Fruit on cereal, chili for lunch, and roasted veggies at dinner are essential to keeping things flowing as they ought to. 🙂  Too many baked goods and processed sweets will have you backed up in no time.

3.) Drink plenty of fluids.  Keep a water bottle with you and try to avoid caffeinated beverages.  They may give you the burst of energy you need to make it through the day but can also be dehydrating.  Hot herbal tea in the evening can be particularly helpful if you are feeling constipated.

4.) Try Magnesium.  If a healthy diet and exercise isn’t doing the trick, you may want to consider 250 mg of magnesium in supplement form.  Just don’t go overboard or you may find yourself racing for a bathroom at an inopportune moment.  Now that would be a bummer for your holiday shopping…

As a nutritionist in Cambridge, I refer my clients to check out Cambridge Naturals for their supplement needs.  The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and they have just about everything under the sun.

Here’s to wishing you a holiday season that is nothing but smooth sailing!


  1. Remember when you asked me what the benefits of Harvest Co-op were? At the time I didn’t have much of an answer but now I do.

    Their supplements are SO CHEAP. I bought a vegetarian D vitamin for $30 at Whole Foods (dumb) and later found it at Harvest for $18…oops. I will have to check out Cambridge Naturals but from what I’ve seen, Harvest’s prices are unmatched.

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