Skinny Cow, How ‘Bout a Name Change?

This post is brought to you by a student enrolled in the Eating Disorder Institute Program at Plymouth State. I know you’ll enjoy it.


I’ve Got Beef!

SkinnyCow products perplex and infuriate me. I have two major issues with them at the moment, one being the name and two being their recent declaration that women can now eat brownies again.

First of all I would like to say that a cow is a certain size based on genetic make-up that makes it look like a cow! A cow cannot loose weight and be a “skinny cow” if it did it would be sick and the owners would be very concerned. The name outrageously implies that a cow can change it’s size meaning then, that SkinnyCow’s general market they are selling to which is no secret.. WOMEN!…. can therefore just change their genetic make-up and then be “skinny women”. This idea not only encourages the altered view of our society that anyone can be a size zero and be healthy and discourages a healthy body image and health at any size.

Second I would like to bring everyone’s attention to the latest law that has been appealed in america… women can now eat brownies.. that is right girls head on down to the supermarket for the celebration! SkinnyCow states that we can now eat brownies again! I was unaware that I could not eat them prior to this ridiculous commercial and marketing campaign by the SkinnyCow brand of dieting foods. This again only contributes to “good” and “bad” foods and the forbidden fruit for all women and wouldn’t you know it SkinnyCow figured it out, our kriptonite is brownies, but luckily they have found the antidote… a diet brownie… yum. yum. yum. All sarcasm aside this is very discouraging and this type of message should not be accepted and should be highlighted as how NOT to market towards women, because this is one cow who is now “mooing” for more.

What do you think, should Skinny Cow change their name? What would you re-name their product line as?