Remember and Repeat after me – I AM Enough

December is a hectic month.

Regardless of your religious affiliation, the holidays you celebrate, and how you are managing the pandemic right now – December is kind of hard.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve found myself dropping balls left and right – sending my son to school without his water bottle, forgetting to text back a friend for days, spacing out on an overdue prescription, showing up late to a group supervision session I was running because my cold medicine brain drifted off elsewhere, and neglecting to call a colleague for a scheduled conversation because I completely forgot while managing a sick kid. Oh, and my marketing director asked for this email to be completed 12 days ago.

To be honest, all this ball dropping has been a great practice of something I preach all the time – give a good enough effort but don’t kill yourself giving your best. Because I don’t know about you but sometimes “my best” just might kill me (a version of this quote is attributed to a podcast called “Being Boss”).

So as we wind down this calendar year, I want to encourage you to give “good enough” efforts so that you have enough energy left over to give yourself your very best. And by that I mean – your very best compassionate understanding of your humanity. We’re all struggling in some way or another and when we’re honest with each other, it turns out people are pretty gracious and understanding.

you are enough

For those of you fighting for your eating disorder recovery: give yourself all the credit for trying to find alternative ways to manage the “too muchness” of life when life is absolutely too much right now.

For those of you who are clinicians: give yourself credit for showing up with your heart even when the seams are fraying. It can be helpful for your clients to see your humanity too. Your efforts matter, especially when they aren’t perfect.

For everyone else: being a human is hard. Take a deep breath, place your hand on your heart and offer “I am enough.”

Thank you for being here. May you have a moment of joy, a glimmer of peace, a ray of sunshine as we look to the New Year. I’m grateful to you.

So often, we live our lives in our minds, totally disconnected from our bodies. I invite you to connect to uncomfortable feelings and sensations. You know, the stuff we usually stray from the most! Download this meditation, Connecting to the Wisdom of the Body. Take time to practice to listen in and respond to the information our body is sending us.