Our courses and workshops are provided for single users only when purchasing individually online, but we have other options to accommodate purchasing the training programs for team members and group purchases.


A “Purchaser” is the person or entity that pays for one or more people to take the Course. A “User” is the person who participates in the course, has a unique username and password, gains access to the Course materials, can earn certification for Course completion, and can participate in the Facebook group and other student support materials.

In some instances, a Purchaser may be the same person as a User, but a Purchaser does not have the rights of a User if they are purchasing the Course for someone else to complete. (This means if you purchase a Course for anyone else such as an Employee or Team member, they have all the User rights, even if in the future they are no longer with your company. )

Purchasers cannot set up log-in information for users other than themselves, since each User has a unique username and password that must be kept confidential. The unique username and password are also critical for ensuring CPEUs are credited to the right persons who have successfully completed the course. We reserve the right to terminate your account and access to Course Materials if we discover that you have exceeded our terms of use by sharing your login or the materials in the Course with unregistered users.


If you are a Practice Owner (or anyone) looking to purchase a course for someone else (one or more of your team members, or even as a gift), please click the button below and we will walk you through the process to purchase the Courses for another person(s) to take.


We do offer a discount on the original price of programs for group purchases. In order to purchase our programs as a group, click the button below to get started so we can walk you through the process to purchase the Course(s) for your group.

Payment for the programs must be completed by a single invoice that covers the “group” of people and the programs they require. The Purchasing company or organization (“Purchaser”) will need to provide us with a list of each individual and the courses they require. Once the group payment has been completed, we will provide the company with the coupon codes for that group.


  • 10% off for 2-5 users
  • 15% off for 6-10 users
  • 20% off for 11-15 users
  • 25% off for 16-20 users
  • 30% off for 21+ users


If you are with a  University or College and interested in learning more about our Licensing Options to integrate an online accessible platform delivering evidence-based eating disorders training into your dietetic curricula, please reach out via this form. We will be in touch to send you more details about our licensing options for all three training programs.

If you have any questions, please reach out to my assistant.