Product Showcase: Whole Grain Waffles

At the moment I am totally obsessed with whole grain waffles for breakfast. Schmear a little peanut butter and jelly on that baby, add a glass of milk and you are set!  So many breakfast options leave you hungry 30 minutes later (think breakfast cereal) but this is a well-balanced, protein and whole grain packed meal.  I really love Van’s waffles, but there are several whole grain options out there.  Just read your label and make sure the first ingredient says whole grain.

What’s your favorite breakfast meal right now?

Are you a breakfast skeptic?  Check out this article.

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  1. This is the second blog I read this morning about whole grain waffles and now I’m craving them! I’ve actually never tried Van’s but I’m going to put it in my grocery list for next time. Lately my favorite breakfast is oatmeal with PB and a chopped apple 🙂

  2. omg — whole grain waffle sandwich with almond butter, sliced banana, a little maple syrup, & chocolate chips = the best breakfast ever!

  3. Ooh, Bianca that sounds amazing! Oatmeal with PB and chopped apple just may be my next breakfast experiment. I had some disappointing oatmeal this morning but you have inspired me! Kara, I’ve actually never tried almond butter on my waffles b/c my almond butter is cold and I like a warm breakfast. But the combo you suggested sounds so good. I may just have to give it a try!

  4. I’m am addicted to homemade breakfast burritos with salsa. I found great gluten free tortillas and talked the local gluten free store into carrying them. Also, Vans sells gluten free waffles that are amazing! I highly recommend them.

  5. yeah! I also like whole wheat and waffles. They are breakfast good choice. plus some milk and cereals, oh, a very good breakfast. Balance of nutrition.

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