Product Showcase: Two New Frozen Favorites

Ok, I’m going to keep it real here. I like to cook. But recently, there hasn’t been time for much else but microwaving. So I recently picked up two new frozen items to try. (Yes, frozen and pre-prepared items from Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have been keeping me fed the past couple of weeks.) And I just warmed them up for dinner and was pleasantly surprised!

Product Showcase Item #1: Turkey Meatballs from Trader Joe’sSuper tasty. Just microwave them! I can imagine they’d be great with pasta, a baked potato, or wild rice. I paired it with…

Product Showcase Item #2: Garden Lites Butternut Squash Souffle from Whole FoodsTop with some brown sugar and you’re good to go! Would be super tasty with salmon or grilled chicken as well. I totally enjoyed both the flavor and fluffy texture!

In under 10 minutes I had a bowl of meatballs and squash ready to go, along with a glass of milk. Yummy, balanced, and super super speedy when cookin’ just ain’t gonna’ happen!

What are super speedy meal time favorites?

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