Product Showcase: The Brita Bottle Aqua

This product showcase is brought to you by a student in my nutrition counseling course at Plymouth State’s Eating Disorder Institute. This is a perfect product for the summer!

“The reusable Brita Bottle filters ordinary tap water as you drink.”

As someone who constantly drinks water all day, I knew I had to find a better alternative to buying bottled water. I couldn’t help but think how much money I was spending each day on buying water! I also felt somewhat guilty about how much waste I was creating by drinking bottle upon bottle of water each day. So, one can only imagine how excited I was when I came across this fantastic innovation from Brita. Brita’s new water bottle has a filter placed inside, which allows you to change any normal tap water into a great tasting product you might find being sold on shelves. 

Though tap water is regulated by the EPA, chlorine is often added as a disinfectant by certain municipalities, and lead can leach out of household plumbing into water being poured. Brita water filtration systems reduce the common impurities, and can even remove 96.6% of pharmaceuticals found in drinking water. Reducing Chlorine, Copper, and Mercury creates better tasting and smelling water – which is more appealing and therefore hopefully helps individuals drink more of the healthy stuff. Brita bottles are NSF certified (inspected by a third-party) ensuring that their product does in fact reduce the taste and odor of Chlorine and particulates in water. 
The bottle itself is easy to navigate. There is a small filter that sits inside the top that can be replaced as needed, (should be replaced every 256 refills, 2 months, or 40 gallons) and is extremely simple to change. The bottle itself is made of a soft plastic material, allowing for easy squeezing and dispensing of water. Another easily overlooked but great feature is the loop by the mouth piece, which helps with easy carry (when your arms are full) and can attach to straps on backpacks and other bags. The Brita bottle is also marketed at a reasonable price. The Brita website lists the bottle at $9.99, though I have also found it at Wal-Mart for $8.88. The replacement filters are equally inexpensive at $6.88 for a pack of two at Wal-Mart. With its ease of purchase in local stores, inexpensiveness, and versatility, I would recommend this water bottle to everyone – from kids to adults, for sporting outings and professional work days. 
This bottle has changed everything for me. I use it at work, school, on-the-go, and the opportunities are endless. In the past, just thinking about how awful the tap tasted at work, would force me to pay extra for the fancy bottled water. But now, I know that I am free to drink water from any tap anywhere I go with the help of the ingenious bottle filter. And, at the great price, it is easy to buy one to keep at work, home, and even in the car. I have now had my Brita bottle for 7 months and have never looked back. It is in excellent condition even though I use it on a daily basis, and still creates great tasting water.

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