Product Showcase: My Lil’ Coach

Each month I highlight a product I love.  It’s usually food, but this month I wanted to highlight a pretty cool IPhone app.  It’s called My Lil Coach, developed by Registered Dietitian Lisa Bunce.

In her 20 years of nutrition counseling experience, she ran across the dilemma that most people have- figuring out a way to stay consistent with making positive changes for their health…for the LONG-TERM.  Here’s a little summary on the product:

Mylilcoach is an iphone or ipod touch application that uses gentle reminders on the app on your iphone or ipod periodically throughout the day at pre-determined time intervals. In addition to a built in pedometer, these gentle nudges help her clients change behavior and comply with the basics of a healthy lifestyle: eating right, staying hydrated, increasing physical activity and practicing mindfulness in eating and stress reduction. The application saves your data for tracking purposes, which can be sent to your healthcare provider daily, weekly, or monthly. Lisa has seen that the use of the app by individuals changes habits and keeps healthy regimes in the forethought of the patient and changes in behaviors.

Current research at Stanford University shows that the development of healthy behaviors can be achieved and maintained by using gentle reminders. This growing body of research reflects that even the smallest amount of social support can influence an individual’s ability to change behavior. 

To access and download the application for $1.99 visit:

For more information visit:

I love that she incorporates gentle reminders to practice mindfulness-based eating.  What a fantastic product to help encourage you to spend time developing healthy behaviors.  I’m going to start using it and will keep you posted on my experience.