Product Showcase: Desert Pepper Corn and Black Bean Salsa

This product showcase post is brought to you by Lauren Fowler, dietetic intern.

On my weekly grocery trip, I decided to try a new-to-me salsa brand and flavor. Salsa is one of my staples because it goes well with so many foods, like eggs, black bean burgers, or just tortilla chips!

I picked up the Desert Pepper corn and black bean salsa, which is also labeled “medium” in spiciness. I tried it out with plain tortilla chips when I got home, and I declared it a winner. It is a nice chunky salsa, which makes scooping easy, and there are plenty of corn and black beans spread throughout the salsa. It fits the medium spice label because there was a kick to it, but it wasn’t overpowering to my taste buds. The flavors of the tomatoes, corn, and black beans were all apparent and stood out.

So far, I’ve tried it with tortilla chips, on eggs, and on tacos. My roommate and I finished it up on taco night, but I’m definitely going to pick up another jar at the store soon. I highly recommend it!

Are there any condiments you can’t live without?