Product Showcase: Ak Mak Crackers

Alright, a few days ago I tore to shreds the poor brown rice cake in my product no case post. But I promised to share with you a whole grain cracker that I simply love.

It is the yummy and inexpensive Ak Mak Cracker! They have been around for ages and are available at just about every store. Yes, they are dry and crunchy (so that may be a turn off to some people). But the sesame seed flavor is super yummy.

I don’t mind snacking on them alone but find them to be a much more satisfying snack when eaten:
1. with peanut butter
2. with hummus
3. with turkey and cheese

I think you get the idea. I prefer them when eaten with some protein and fat to add flavor and balance for a more satisfying/longer lasting snack. You can even crumble on salads or soup too.

Do you love Ak Mak crackers? What’s your favorite way to eat them?


  1. Yes, I love these crackers, too. The fat/ protein idea is a great one to consider. Sometimes I put a slice of cheddar on. Or peanut butter and fig spread jam. Never liked rice cakes, though I thought they were healthy so I kept trying. This post is validating.

  2. i like Lundberg rice cakes, and they have the virtue for some of us of being gluten/wheat free. i lke ak-mak an wasa bread as well.

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