Product Show Case: Seasoning Blends

Each month I try to highlight a product I think is fabulous. As I was whipping up some fajitas for dinner last night, I knew exactly what I wanted to blog about- seasoning blends. You may be wondering why I get psyched about spices, but let me explain. The key to delicious/nutritious cooking is all about developing flavor. And the “typical American diet” is over-reliant on salt and butter. Turns out that with a little olive oil and spices, you can turn some pretty blah meals into something fabulous. And the really cool thing about spice blends is that you don’t have to be an expert on how to season your food to use them. If you’re making Mexican food, select a southwest blend. If it’s an Italian night, select an Italian blend. I have 3-4 go to spice blends, plus garlic, black pepper, and crushed red pepper when I cook.

Any spice blends at your grocery store should do the trick. But if you’re interested, check out this handy website I just discovered, Savory Spice Shop. Also, I wrote this blog post on how to select, store, and use spices and seasonings that might also be helpful.

Here’s a great recipe that uses an Italian seasoning blend. I think you’ll like it!

Do you have any spices or seasonings you love? If yes, please share!

Marci RD
Nutrition Counseling in Cambridge

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  1. I love the Savory Spice Shop! My husband and I received a set for our wedding and we use them daily! They make cooking so much easier and delicious! We use them on veggies all of the time–they are wonderful! (We’ve even ordered refills, that’s how much

    we love them!)

  2. Fabulous Karren, thanks for posting this! I love spice blends and am so happy to know you’ve had personal/positive experience with this company.

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