Product No Case: Yoplait YoPlus

Have you noticed that they just don’t make yogurt like they used to?  It’s weird.  Yogurt is now loaded with everything from added fibers, strains of bacteria, artificial sweeteners, Vitamin D, and probably some other things I haven’t named.  And unfortunately, most of the label claims aren’t back by research and are just simply misleading.

Case in point: Yoplait YoPlus.  The product labeling claims “YoPlus cultures are clinically proven to help naturally regulate digestive health.”  Clinically proven sounds pretty serious…until you take a look at the faulty clinical research.  Turns out the Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division stated that General Mills didn’t have enough evidence for its claims.  And General Mills’ latest study turned out to be too flawed in its design to have meaningful results.

Bottom line: There is little published evidence that YoPlus helps with irregularity, bloating, or other digestive issues.  

Marci’s tips for bowel irregularity: slowly increase your intake of fruits and veggies, whole grains, and beans/legumes, drink plenty of water, and try a high quality probiotic from your local health food store.