Product No Case: The Quantum Scale

 If you know me at all, you know that I’m not a fan of obsessing over the scale. And I recently came across this scale called The Quantum. The premise is actually an interesting one. Rather than telling you what you weigh, it stores your weight from the first time you step on it and reports back to you your weight changes without revealing your weight. It sure is an interesting idea and may help those who obsess over a number that determines whether they’ll have good day or a bad day.

It’s probably no surprise that I don’t love it. (Obviously, this is a product no case post.) Let me tell you why:

1. It cannot tell you what is responsible for your body weight changes. Are you dehydrated? Did you have a salty meal? Are you pre-menstrual? Has your body composition (ie. lean mass vs fat mass) changed?

2. It can lead to obsessing over small body shifts that are considered natural and normal. Our bodies naturally fluctuate a few pounds due to fluid and hormonal changes that occur regularly.
3. It cannot tell you if you’re behavior is truly healthy and sustainable. You may see “results” on the scale that seem impressive but may not ultimately be healthy for you. For example, dieting is extremely effective at creating weight loss…until you give up on the diet and gain back more than when you started it.

If the goal of weight loss is taken out of context of behaviors that support health and sustainable behaviors, it is completely useless.
Bottom line: I believe in putting energy into what is “actionable.” And because body weight is a by-product of several factors (like genetics, eating habits, exercise, etc.) I don’t consider it to be an “actionable” goal.

So let’s put our energy into what is within your scope of change:

Getting adequate rest
Honoring body cues for hunger and fullness
Exercising in a way that increases energy, strength, and improves mood
Speaking to yourself in a way that is kind and positive
Drinking enough water

Focusing on actionable behaviors is the key to ultimate health. And no scale can ever capture that. Ever.

What do you think about the Quantum Scale…or tracking weight on any scale for that matter?


  1. Hmmm… If I wasn’t able to see a treatment team for some reason I think the Quantum Scale might be a decent way for me to make sure I was maintaining my weight- but only if, like you said, I took into account the other factors at play- dehydration, time

    in cycle, etc. I also think with any scale it’s important to only weigh once a week (or less) at the same time of day each time- that way it’s not only more accurate, but it also minimizes obsession and putting too much power onto what the scale says. But

    hey, I’m no dietitian- if you say it’s a product no case no matter what I defer to your expertise!

  2. I think this sounds much worse than a regular scale depending upon how the feedback is delivered. If you lose weight for a few weeks in a row, staying the same weight the next week will seem like a failure even if it is the weight that you wanted to achieve

    and maintain. It also might be hard to have non-feedback for maintaining (unless it says “way to go!” when you maintain…) hhhmmmm just one more gimmicky product….

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