Product No Case: Guest Blogger Janel Ovrut

Product No Case: Vitamin Water
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It took me absolutely no time to come up with a No Case food for this blog post. I’m from the school of thought that all foods can fit in a healthy diet, but there are a handful of “foods” that I truly believe have absolutely no place in our diet. Top on my list? Vitamin Water. Sure I could choose to battle with foods like bacon ice cream or fried Oreos, but I really just don’t understand why we need to enhance water! Water in its purest form is exactly what our bodies need for hydration, and our cells need to function. But water enhanced with vitamins, minerals, and sugar?! No need. Sure it has flashy colors and tasty flavors, but so does fresh fruit!

If you’re eating a balanced diet, you’re already getting the vitamins and minerals you need. Want to be extra sure? Speak to your dietitian about taking a daily multivitamin. The vitamins and minerals added to Vitamin Water aren’t ones we’re typically low of in our diet. To get a good dose of vitamin C – a typical vitamin in the beverage – try an orange, bell pepper, broccoli, or strawberries.

Not a fan of plain water? Try flavoring your water with citrus slices, like limes, lemons, and oranges (you’ll get vitamin C!). Or, drop melon cubes, cucumbers, or mint leaves for a refreshing flavored beverage without the added refined sugars. While there are calorie free versions of Vitamin Water, it’s best to reduce beverages with artificial sugar.

Stick to whole foods for your vitamins and minerals, and water for hydration. That’s all your body needs.

Janel Ovrut MS RD LDN is a Boston-based dietitian who enjoys helping others reach their nutrition goals, one bite at a time. Janel shares her culinary adventures in her blog Eat Well with Janel and loves to tweet @DietitianJanel.