Product Showcase: The Foodery

About a year and a half ago, two guys from a new company called The Foodery contacted me via Twitter. They wanted to meet up and learn about my practice and tell me about their food company as well. I enjoy meeting people in my community and learning about organizations that are food-related. But when I heard the words “meal delivery service” I was instantaneously skeptical.

I mean come on, little did these guys know, I do eating disorders work. And we eating disorders dietitians worry about pre-packaged meals! So many of my clients have been traumatized by dieting companies that feed their customers cardboard for food and empty promises of weight loss.  But I checked out their website and decided to meet up. They described themselves as a farm-to-table meal delivery service, which had me intrigued. 

I’ll admit, my take on “nutrition” is often different from many other dietitians out there. I’m a bit of an odd ball in my profession because I consider not only nutritional content but also the psychological and emotional relationships that my clients have with food and their bodies.  I’m not just interested in what my clients eat, I care just as much about how they think and feel about it.  One of the core concepts I bring into my work is the principle of mindfulness. I spend so much time trying to help my clients notice how food choices make them feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s my belief that a curious/mindful stance is the true path to health and healing.

So what does this have to do with The Foodery- a company with a goal to liberate truly healthy, convenient food?! I’ll tell you how- their company supports and aligns with many of the values and principles I utilize in my counseling every day.

  1. The Foodery is not a weight loss gimmick. These guys are selling super convenient and truly delicious food that is balanced and satisfying. Believe me, I’ve tried it!
  2. The Foodery integrates the concept of mindfulness into every step of their business model. The level of thoughtfulness, intention, and awareness that informs their work is truly impressive.
  3. The Foodery incorporates a holistic approach to eating. They are asking meaningful questions about health and sustainability that isn’t reduced to the narrow and misguided question “will this help me lose weight?” Our capitalistic economy supports a weight loss industry that is harmful to environment, harmful to our health, and also perpetuates the yo-yo dieting cycle that I work so hard to get my clients off of.  Helping my clients return to eating real, whole, delicious food is something that I am truly passionate about! And The Foodery is a great resource to make that happen.

As I type, The Foodery is in the first week of a five week sprint of their Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 for a brand new kitchen in South Boston. They have big plans to expand their business. I highly recommend you check out their video which will help you get to know the company, their mission, and their future plans.

My hope in writing this blog post is to spread the message about The Foodery but also ask you to consider donating to their Kickstarter Campaign. You can donate as little or as much as you’d like and every bit helps!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and good luck to the Foodery on your ambitious Kickstarter campaign and expansive vision to changing the way we eat!