Product Showcase: Do Yoga With Me

It’s been a little while since I written about a product I think is fabulous. And I think I have the perfect product to share with you for the winter time. I learned about it from a client who had been wanting to try yoga but experienced a lot of barriers to taking a class. She felt self-conscious, compared herself to others in a group setting which created anxiety, had a hard time getting out in the freezing temperatures, and also had a hard time paying to go consistently. And then she stumbled upon a website:

She discovered it was the perfect resource to minimize many of the barriers she experienced to trying yoga and it turns out she really enjoyed it. This website is an amazing resource. First, it’s free! You can practice yoga at home and select what class you’d like to do based on time, skill level, type of yoga, and even instructor. They also have additional free resources to help you learn about the benefits of yoga and introduce you to many of the yoga terminology and background.

So if you want to try yoga but have been too afraid (or too cold!) to get outside and try a group class, this may be a fantastic resource for you. Check it out!

Are you a yoga fan already? If so, what do you love about it?

Want to give yoga a shot but feel uneasy? Share with us your concerns.

Stay warm, stay healthy!