Part V: Bringing it Home

We have finally made it to our last and final blog posting for this series on the basics of grocery shopping. I’ve walked you through the steps of preparation, what to buy, and how to efficiently use your time and money.

While all of the topics we’ve covered so far are important, this one perhaps takes the cake. So if you learn anything from me, I want it to be this: your delicious and fresh food should be as easy and accessible as the processed/packaged items in your pantry. Just follow these three easy steps and say good-bye to old, rotten produce mysteries in your crisper! It’s a sure fire way to actually eat what you buy, while it’s still fresh and delicious.

1.) Make sure you have plenty of plastic bags, Tupperware, or storage containers.
2.) When you get home from the store take the time to wash, chop, and store your produce. Yes, that means slicing strawberries, cutting peppers, washing lettuce, etc. Remember, your job is to make the food accessible for quick snacking and snappy meals.
3.) Consult your meal plan for the week. When Wednesday rolls around, you won’t forget to serve broccoli with your stir-fry, because it’s written on your list! If you have a particularly busy schedule the following day, this may help you to prep any items to save cooking time.

Challenge: Take the time to read through all the grocery shopping blog posts I-V. Start practicing your new skills. Then let me know how it’s going.

If you’ve found any of this information to be useful, be sure to forward it along to a friend.

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  1. Lately I’ve been trying to have better snack options readily available for Carson. I read your post about getting produce washed, chopped and stored. I feel like I’m constantly in the kitchen getting Carson some sort of snack. This past week I designated a “snack drawer” in the fridge. It is now full of colorful fruits and veggies ready for little three year old hands to grab and eat! He LOVES his new drawer. This morning he grabbed a baggie and said, “Look! A bag with two pieces of little cheese.” He was thrilled. Thanks for the great ideas!!

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