Part III: Finding the time

When I talk to people about their biggest barriers to grocery shopping and eating well there is one response that rings loudest and clearest- TIME! I empathize. I even love to grocery shop and cook, and find it difficult. But I promise, it is possible to eat well, even if you are crunched for time. Here are a few suggestions on how to do it.

At the grocery store:
1. Stick to your list, stick to your list, stick to your list
2. Avoid getting lost in the sea of marketing and advertising. Remember, it’s a ploy to get you to buy their product.
3. Become familiar with the layout of your store
4. Compare products for nutritional quality by looking at ingredient lists
5. Compare products for price using the cost/unit listed near the price.

Consider home delivery
I confess, life the past few months has been unbelievably busy. I no longer have time to peruse the aisles of my favorite grocery store. So online grocery shopping has saved us eating out (which always costs more). I sit down in front of my computer with my grocery list, log on to Peapod’s website, and in 20 minutes I’m done! And now that I don’t have the visual temptation of other items, I notice that my impulse buying has decreased. I’m usually very pleased with the quality of the products they deliver and love the fact that I didn’t have to trudge through the snow to get it!

We also have a bin of organic produce delivered to our door every other week from Boston Organics. Their deliveries include delicious, often local produce and is an absolute treat. Check out their website, especially if you are in the Boston/Cambridge area. They provide recipes and tips for produce storage and preparation.

What resources do you have access to? Get creative and start brainstorming ways to make grocery shopping and meal planning work for you.