Overrated Health Foods

I don’t always love the diet-related articles posted on the Yahoo! and MSN homepages.  But today is an exception.  MSN posted article entitled Top 10 Overrated Health Foods and I think it’s worthy of a blog post.  After checking out the article, do you notice any trends or themes?  I certainly did.  Nearly every one of the overrated health foods is highly processed but with added nutrients (i.e. omega-3s, Vitamin D, fiber, etc.) pumped into the product in an attempt to make it look healthy.  What a racket!

In fact, I blogged about this back in March.  The fact is that food companies are a business and they will use the latest science “breakthroughs” to sell their product.  So stop buying highly processed foods that seem healthy because of the claims slapped across their packages.  Enjoy the non-nutritious stuff in moderation (hey, I’ve got to have my Oreos!) and rely on non-processed foods to form the bulk of your diet.  This will provide your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs and in a form that your body can actually use more effectively.

I’m off to peel my clementine….

Your neighborhood nutritionist in Cambridge. Marci

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  1. How ironic that on the one day I feed Soren one of those organic toaster pastries for breakfast you post this. But hey, he asked for cookies so this was our compromise.

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