Paula is focused on helping you to live your healthiest and best life.  She believes that each person she coaches in nutrition requires an individualized approach.  You have your own unique goals and problems to solve.  You have your own values, beliefs, history, challenges, habits, cultural background, and relationships.  She believes that mind and body are not separate but integrated.  Food is not the enemy. It can be the source of energy and sustained longevity and you can achieve a healthy relationship with the one thing you need for a vibrant life.

Together, with you, Paula will focus her energy on helping you sustain positive healthy change.  She will take an individualized and ‘whole-person’ approach when working with you.  She is compassionate, powerfully present, practical, and “positively” challenging because she wants you to be your best.

Paula combines her advanced education in nutrition, food science, mindfulness, and behavioral change using a practical approach.  Paula was trained by world-renowned professionals at McLean Hospital’s Klarman Eating Disorder Center.  Her work in clinical, residential, and outpatient eating disorder environments gives her keen insight into the unique challenges patients face.

Paula is a problem solver and coach at heart.  She loves to work with individuals who have tried everything and still struggle with eating disorders, disordered eating, body concerns, emotional/compulsive eating and exercise, and any other health and nutrition related issues.  Through her steadfast commitment to you, using a personalized approach, she will help you trust yourself and find your own path to a better and healthier life.


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