Anita Dharwadkar dietitian

Anita is a Registered Dietitian who is passionate about helping her clients heal their relationship with food and their body by challenging diet culture. Anita’s main focus is to form a genuine human connection by cultivating a safe and judgment free space.

Anita specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, disordered eating and co-occurring medical conditions that result from these illnesses. She believes a weight inclusive approach is key to facilitating healing and recovery. Anita utilizes Health At Every Size® and Intuitive Eating principles to guide her clinical practice.

Anita uses an anti-oppressive lens and embraces intersectionality when listening to the lived experiences of others. She works with people of all genders, ages, and backgrounds. Anita is passionate about working with adolescents and young adults who suffer from chronic illness alongside their Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating and Body Image concerns. Some of these chronic illnesses may be those that affect the GI system (IBS, IBD, food sensitivities, etc.), women’s health, POTs and other rare diseases.

She has extensive experience with Family Based Treatment which informs her approach when working with families.

One of Anita’s core beliefs as a clinician is that individuals already have the inner wisdom, strength and ability to grow and learn. Anita uses a person-centered approach where each individual is met with empathy, acceptance and authenticity. She realizes how hard it is to take the first step and is so glad you are here!

Anita graduated from Michigan State University (Go Green!) with a bachelors of science in dietetics in the spring of 2020. She went on to do her internship at the University of Minnesota where she completed a specialized eating disorder rotation with The Emily Program. The University of Minnesota is one of the few programs in the country to specialize in eating disorder training for dietitians.

Upon graduation, Anita knew she wanted to continue working within the field of eating disorders. She accepted a position as an inpatient eating disorders dietitian in the Boston area. Working with medically and psychiatrically complex clients has provided her with invaluable insight and experience.

In her free time, Anita enjoys cuddling with her dog Josie, exploring Boston, rewatching Grey’s Anatomy, taking a barre class & long naps!


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