Nigella Lawson, Clean Eating, & Eating Disorders


Recently, famed Chef Nigella Lawson appeared in an article where she stated that “Clean eating is a way to hide an eating disorder.” I posted this article on my Facebook feed and it generated A LOT of discussion. And it was amazing to me see the varied comments and strong emotion behind each of them. Here is a link to the original article. Given the flurry of responses, I decided to chime in as well. It’s a quick one but hopefully a helpful addition to the conversation. I look forward to hearing your comments as well! Feel free to post here or on my Facebook wall.

Is clean eating simply a socially acceptable way to have an eating disorder? Or does the diagnosis distract us from really examining our own relationship with food?



  1. After working with you I believe I can answer all of the questions affirmatively. However, the media and environment strongly affects my feelings and emotions in certain arenas and I wish the “clean” notion was not so influential to so many people. It’s almost a “cult”. I will continue to eat “dirty” but healthy and balanced.

  2. I’m so glad to hear it! You cracked me up with your comment- I’ll continue to eat dirty. I’m with you, the idea of “clean” is triggering. I will join you in eating a varied but balanced and healthy diet!

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