New You, New Life, Seriously??!!

Lose weight and gain a new life. Seriously? Seriously??!!! We see these types of advertisements all of the time because they are cheap marketing tactics used by gyms, diet plans, and supplement companies. And it’s a really dumb marketing campaign.

Last time I checked, regardless of my weight I still had bills to pay, difficult conversations to have, illness, and stress. Now, if you improve your self-care habits like eating more nutritious food, moving your body in a way that feels good more consistently, and prioritizing your sleep you may:

  • have greater energy
  • feel stronger
  • experience an increased capacity to manage difficult emotions
  • feel more confident
  • But I promise, you will not have a new life.

    In fact, if you pursue weight loss by overexercising, following a restrictive diet, or taking weight loss pills or laxatives you will surely experience:

    • An increase of stress hormones circulating in your body
    • Poor sleep patterns
    • Compulsive/obsessive thinking patterns that worsen depression and anxiety
    • Inevitably “falling off the bandwagon” which may result in compulsive eating, weight gain, and poor mood

      So the next time some silly weight loss company offers you a new life reminde yourself- you can’t have a new life. But with improved self-care certain aspects of your life may get a really amazing boost! And YOU are worth it.