Special Eating Disorders Training Package for New Grads and RDNs

One of the most common questions I get from students and new dietitians is this, “Marci, how did you get into the field of eating disorders?

The honest answer is that I received zero training in school, a tiny bit of exposure in my internship, then threw myself into self-study at the very beginning of my career.

I read and read and read, put myself through grad school, then nudged my way into the field through a fluke maternity leave coverage and starting a private practice before I probably should have. I really had no clue what I was doing but stuck with my gut that this was the field for me.

Due to my personal experience, I want more dietitians to have access to quality eating disorders training. I know that most dietitians don’t get any eating disorders training in school, which is a real shame because the field of eating disorders needs more highly skilled dietitians.

So, I have a couple of things that I wanted to share with the brand-new dietitians out there.

First, if you think eating disorders work is interesting but not sure if it’s for you, check out this free quiz to find out if it might be a fit.

Now, if you KNOW you want eating disorders training but are short on cash because it is EXPENSIVE to become a dietitian, I see you! (I am still paying off my student debt.)

I know how specialized training can be an asset to your career, but it is also expensive. To help with this, I have decided to offer a steep discount for new grads, new RDNs and new clinicians with my Eating Disorders training.

I’m calling it, “The New RDN Training Package.”

If you have graduated from a dietetics program OR have gotten your RDN in the past year, you qualify for this program.

NOTE: This new package will end September 30, 2020.

Simply email my assistant, Patty, via the form below to get the special code you will need. Note: You’ll need to include a screenshot of your diploma or RDN license where it is noted on the form, and she will send you an email back, with the special coupon code for 40% off my “Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders” training program.

At the risk of sounding way more salesy than I can stomach, I have really never offered such a discount before. But I have witnessed the stress and strain Covid-19 has had on so many people and I hope that easier access to specialized training will serve as a helpful boost to you and your career.

Sending you my very, very best!