National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2012: #endED Twitter Chat Re-Cap

Thank you to all that joined February’s #endED twitter chat with National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) before Eating Disorders Awareness Week. NEDA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders. Elizabeth Saviteer ( @NEDAStaff )and Marci Anderson ( @MarciRD ) lead the chat and some wonderful comments were heard! Here’s a recap of some of the highlights

Q1. Eating Disorders have been getting more media attention, has this been harmful/helpful/both?
• @MissDEIntl2012 more helpful! It reduces the stigma associated with ED and has opened a dialogue
• @ScritchfieldRD helpful because it opens a dialogue, silence is the most harmful of all. We cant heal what we dont see/say.
• @NEDAstaff Media can be a great way to increase awareness, decreasing stigma, if presented in a responsible way

Q2. A risk factor for developing an ED is poor body image, how can we promote positive body image in children and teens?
• @jessicaclaytonm: Take the focus off appearance. Teach children to value their minds, passions, opinions rather than weight.
• @MarshaHudnall Kathy Kater has some good materials to help kids build healthy body images
• @NEDAstaff One way to promote positive body image in kids is to be a good role model for them as a parent, teacher or mentor

Q3. How do you deal with people in your life who are dieting or weight-focused?@MauveDinosaur My confidence is growing. Fat-talk is so normalized, people look at you like you have 2-heads when u dont join in.
• @ScritchfieldRD: I will tell them that #diets are disordered eating and that eating disorders start as weight focused goals
• @EDNMaryland By remembering to focus on YOUR issues and healthy lifestyle not anyone elses.

Q4 What is some new/exciting research on ED?
1. @KendraTaylor_ more recognition/research out there that EDs affect more than the perceived stereotype.
2. @MarciRD Love #intuitiveeating research:
3. @MarciRD Walter Kaye doing really important research on the #brain and EDs:
4. @NEDAstaff Regarding prevention more research on how screening tools help in early detection and treatment outcomes

Q5 How do you define recovery from an eating disorder?
• @ScritchfieldRD: A5: freedom from the physical and emotional suffering brought on by the eating disorder
• @jessicaclaytonm Trying to embrace that it is a process and perfectionism has no place in recovery
• @EDNMaryland I like Carolyn Costins definition of what true recovery is. NOT being triggered by lifes ups & downs.
• @MarciRD Learning how to manage life without using food

Q6 What are your favorite pro-recovery tools for eating disorder sufferers, family, and friends?
• @YaseminMerwede: For me, family support was instrumental. Feeling safe in my environment to share my thoughts and feelings.
• @MarciRD This article, b/c it lists my favorite positive body and pro-recovery social media friends!
• @jessicaclaytonm Listen to your heart and your support system, not the media.

Let your voices be heard for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week! Talk to friends, wear purple, write a blog post! Find out more here: Eating Disorders Awareness Week

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  1. Was an awesome chat, loved hearing about some of the new research! Thanks for quoting me in your recap.

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