Making Your House a Home: A Body Image Healing Workshop

  • Do you struggle with your relationship with their body?
  • Do you struggle with your confidence around body image?
  • Would you like to heal your negative body image and move towards a place of body peace?

Body image dissatisfaction and distortion are key issues for many people regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, or background. This can even be true for those not suffering from an eating disorder. Today, few of us can enjoy true peace of mind when it comes to our bodies and appearance – giving rise to body shame, body loathing, low self-esteem, and a disconnection from our bodies.

Helping individuals develop a less painful relationship to their body’s is one of the most challenging aspects of a wellness professional’s work.

Marci Evans and Deb Schachter, your hosts, offer skills and expertise to help you heal. As a therapist and dietitian, they hold a unique place in the minds of our clients when it comes to helping you feel better about your bodies.  And we believe that body image healing is accessible to everyone. 

It IS time to discover that:

  • Body image healing is possible.
  • Healing poor body image is a critical piece of eating disorder recovery, relapse prevention, and addressing the transgenerational transmission of body hatred.
  • Improving your body image might be challenging at times, but it is possible, with expert help.

Negative body image is one of the most prevalent problems getting in the way of folks living their fullest lives. When you join us, you will learn how to move away from the daily messages that your body needs to be “fixed” or “worked on” for you to be happy.

Instead, you’ll learn through community, tools, and healing strategies that you don’t have to be stuck in body hatred and self-loathing.

The goal of this workshop is to focus on you and help you heal. By attending this workshop you will learn:

  • A framework to help you deconstruct and rebuild your own body image story
  • A unique set of tools that you can use to create your own recipe for individualized body image healing

Here are the ‘Making Your House a Home: A Body Image Healing Workshop’ Details:

When: Sunday, September 30th, 2018 // 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Where: Simmons College, 300 the Fenway, Boston, MA

There are only 40 spots available – Book your seat now!
Cost: $195