Let It Go

No, I am not writing about the Frozen song that has undoubtedly gotten stuck in each of your heads in 2014. I’m writing about the things that each of us may need to let go of from 2014 to make space for the things we want to welcome into our lives in 2015.

Recently, a colleague shared with me one of her favorite articles on letting go. And then my January issue of Real Simple arrived with this cover page and a fantastic quote “Only by acceptance of the past will you alter its meaning” by TS Eliot. Both the article and this quote have a shared thread; in order to let go you have to change your relationship to the thing that is no longer serving you. 

One part of changing your relationship to it is re-writing the story you have about it. Re-writing does not change the facts. It changes your relationship to those facts. Re-writing can help ease the emotional burden of your narrative and strengthen your role in your own life.

Old Story: I gained 15# in 2014 and failed at every diet I tried. I really need to buckle down and re-commit in the new year.

New Story: It’s clear that my strategy did not help me, perhaps I can take time to reflect on what truly does not work for me (i.e. dieting) and commit to try a different path this year.

Old Story: I’m further along in my recovery but I hate the way my body looks.

New Story: Living in a more recovered body might bring emotional pain but it has also allowed me to…own my own business, become a mother, be a fully present partner and friend.

What are the stories you tell yourself that are holding you back? Are you willing to re-write your narrative so that you can become a more active agent in your own life? 

I hope that in 2015 you will have success letting go of old stories that hurt and embrace new stories that facilitate healing and growth.