Interview on Weight Loss Website: Thintopia

Recently I was contacted by Micah, weight loss blogger. He manages the Thintopia blog. This man is on a mission to find what really works when trying to lose weight. Anyone who knows me, knows that I look at food and weight pretty differently than a lot of other health experts. I’m a believer that it’s important to focus on finding balance and consistency with nutrition and exercise.  (Not such a glitzy message, eh?)  I’m more concerned with finding habits that last a lifetime rather than weight loss and numbers.  I truly believe that when we eat well and exercise in a moderate way, our weight finds a place that is healthy.

You can check out the interview on the Thintopia Blog.  But here’s the take-home:

  • Food is meant to fuel our bodies and brains. 
  • I believe in enjoying food. So let’s take the time to taste it rather than gulp it.
  • Eliminating foods and food groups leads to an endless pattern of restricting and binging. Learning how to eat moderately is a process and may require outside support.
  • Food journals can be a great tool to understand your eating patterns and provide accountability

The interview is about 20 minutes. If you watch or listen, let me know what you think!


  1. I listened to the interview tonight and enjoyed it very much. I used to live in Cambridge, MA and if I still lived there I would definitely consult with you. We seem to have a shortage of eating disorder RD professionals in my current city (New Orleans). How do I sign up for your monthly newsletter? Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much for your thoughtful response. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. There is a “join my newsletter” spot on the right side of this page. You may need to scroll down a bit. Simpy enter your name and email address. You should then receive a confirmation email in your inbox to verify the subscription. Thanks!

  3. I just watched your interview on youtube, I am a fellow weight loss vlogger and subscribe to thintopia. I found the interview to be very interesting and really appreciate you taking the time to go over this with Micah. I especially found your thoughts on extreme dieting to be interesting. I have a sister who is constantly going off sugar all together or low carb dieting. In the end she always gives up and gains weight back if she lost any at all. I’ll have to tell her to watch this interview. Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Jullee Thanks so much for your comments. We, as human beings are interesting. We tend to do the same things over and over, even if we’re not getting the results we want! And unfortunately, dieting has become a national past-time. While slow and steady isn’t as exciting, it can be more rewarding than running in circles. 🙂 I’m glad the interview was helpful for you. All my best!

  5. Marci, I loved your interview. I saw it through YouTube (unfortunately, some audio trouble with it). My career is electrical engineering but I’ve been thinking in recent years very seriously about changing into your field. I’ve struggled with weight loss since I was 18 and am 38 now. I’ve spent several years in Weight Watchers meetings, seeing the stories there time and again from struggling dieters, and now I’m seeing lots of interesting stories on YouTube with dieting vloggers (I’m one myself). The one thing I see a lot of are fad diets, or people fixating on certain gimmicks to focus in on, instead of just striving for the balance you talk about. When I left WW, I picked up a text written by Jane Kirby, RD (the “Dummies” series) and really learned a lot, which has helped me tremendously. I wish there were far more voices such as yours on the TV talking about healthy ways to lose weight. And I find myself very interested in a career in which I might be able to also help people in their “journeys”! I will join your newsletter and would be interested if you have a YouTube presence as well. Thanks.

  6. Bert! It’s not often that I feel at a loss words. You have absolutely made my year (and it’s only February!!). Thank you for your thoughtful words. 🙂 I’ll be honest, I didn’t know the interview was on YouTube and had never considered a YouTube presence….perhaps you’ve inspired me! My February newsletter ought to be coming out soon, I love feedback. 🙂

  7. Well, I really appreciate RD’s and the work you do. I think you should really get a YouTube channel established, you’d be surprised how many people would jump on board. And for me it’s not just about losing weight but maintenance. Many of us have yo-yo’d and know how to lose weight, but old habits drift back and we find ourselves having to lose it again later! So I’m trying to learn about maintenance as I lose, trying to learn habits that I know are sustainable for me and not just part of a thrilling “journey” that then ends and I can “go back” to how I was! That just doesn’t work for me. Best of luck to you, and you’re very welcome for my feedback.

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